B Line notice from Noveske a

Noveske teases a new, possibly more affordable AR line

Michael Crites


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Going back to at least 2014, Oregon’s Noveske shop sold what they called “Chainsaw” parts, limited runs and availabilities of blemished and cosmetically imperfect receivers or handguards sold as a part. However, this week they announced a temporary retirement of the name, saying that moving forward blems would be known as the B-Line, a name that makes more sense.

And the big news? Coming sometime this summer, the Chainsaw line will reemerge as Noveske’s “forged product offering, based on a hybrid of our Gen 1 and Gen 4 designs,” and is being described (by them) as “The People’s Rifle.”

While no further details are available, and the only thing on the Noveske site concerning a Chainsaw right now is a sticker, they did drop a 2-minute teaser video with the description: “We have modified the basic M4 look to match our Gen 4 aesthetic of intentional lines / smooth fit. With this redesign, we created an entirely new upper forging, alongside updating some components to slim the overall cost down; maintaining all quality parts that our rifles are known for!”

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