Range Gear Reviews

From hauling gear and picking up brass to improving your performance at the range, we’ve researched and reviewed the products that will help you stay organized, perform better, and spend more time hitting targets. Whether you’re interested in something to improve your range game or just make it a little easier, this is the range gear we recommend.

what is tannerite - cover alt

What is Tannerite?

A Guide to America’s Favorite Binary Target Marker Variously described as shot indicators, reactive targets, or a target marker, Tannerite has been around for over

Charging Clip on and SKS

Magazine vs. Clip: A Comparison

Magazine vs. Clip: how do they stack up? Have you ever been to the gun range and heard someone say that they’ll “load a clip”

Best 300 blackout magazines - Cover

The Best .300 Blackout Magazines

How to pick the best .300 Blackout Magazines The .300 Blackout is one of the more interesting calibers in recent years, officially approved by SAAMI

The Best Gun Cases

Gun safes are must-have items for all responsible gun owners, but what defines safes also limits them: they’re large, heavy, and cumbersome. So how are

The Best Shot Timers

If you’re anything like our experts, you are pro-gun control. No, we don’t mean taking away people’s constitutional rights; that’s absurd. We’re talking about making

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The Best Range Bags

Whether or not you’re OCD about organizing your gear on range trips, a range bag is great for hauling around shooting gear and provides plenty

Bipod Foregrip

The Best AR-15 Foregrip Bipods

How to pick the best AR-15 foregrip bipod The grip area of your AR is critical for mobility, shot placement, and overall effectiveness with your

Rifle with sling

Best AR-15 Slings

What is the best AR rifle sling? If you ask us, there are probably too many AR-15 slings on the market. Sure, we all need