Rifle Reviews

From hunting to plinking, long-range shooting to varmit rifles, we’ve researched and reviewed the long guns that will help you hit targets at range. Whether you’re new to rifles, looking for an upgrade, or just want a new rifle for whatever reason, these are the rifles we recommend.

Best AR-15s - Cover

The Best AR-15 Rifles in 2022

The AR-15 platform gets a lot of attention and for good reason, it is one of the most reliable and versatile firearms ever created. We dive deep into “legos for adults”.

6.8 mm SPC Cover

The Best 6.8 SPC Rifles

Is the 6.8 SPC still a viable option — or has the sun set on the once red hot "military .270"? We give you this skinny one of the original "gee-whiz" rounds

recce rifle guide - cover

Recce Rifle Ultimate Guide

What exactly is a RECCE rifle — and why are some guys obsessed with them? We take a look at this famous recon rifle and list some great rifle options.

Dan White M24 DOD photo

The Best Remington 700 Rifles

What makes the Remington 700 special? We take a look at the Rem 700 over the years and highlight some great rifle options.


The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles in 2022

Today, shooters have a choice between an increasingly large variety of calibers that are designed to be good at one thing or another. If you’re

Best Sniper Precision Rifles - Cover

The Best Sniper & Precision Rifles

What is the best precision rifle? Sniper and precision rifles are mostly enjoyed by target shooting enthusiasts and hunters. While you can’t get the top-of-the-line

angled foregrips cover

The Best Angled Foregrips

Whether you’re in the process of building an AR-15 or are looking to accessorize one you already own, an angled foregrip can be a helpful

Daniel-Defense-M4A1 (1)

Ultimate Guide to Daniel Defense

Starting as an accessory and upper maker, Georgia-based Daniel Defense has exploded in the past 20-odd years to become a powerhouse when it comes to


The Best Bolt Action Rifles in 2022

Firearms come in a great many shapes, sizes, and configurations. For example, some of them – flintlocks- have become relegated to history, reenactments, or museums


The Best .308 Rifles in 2022

When Uncle Sam when looking for a lighter .30-caliber round than the ‘Ought-Six they wanted similar ballistic performance in a smaller cartridge. The Army’s T65

best 300 blackout rifles - cover

The Best .300 Blackout Rifles in 2022

Born just over a decade ago from a need for a specialized close-combat round for unnamed military special operators, the .300 AAC Blackout has gone


The Best 7.62×39 Rifles in 2022

7.62×39 rifles are some of the most popular in the entire world. That’s because they’re the primary type of AK-47, itself arguably the most successful

111-SC-1537A - US Marines in France, Telescopic Rifle Sight sniper M1903 111-SC-001537A-ac

The Best .30-06 Rifles in 2022

What is the .30-06 cartridge and what keeps so popular? We examine this .30-caliber military classic, break down why it has endured for over a century, and provide a selection of great “Aught Six” rifles.

best muzzleloaders - cover (1)

The Best Muzzleloaders in 2022

Muzzleloading rifles were once the dominant firearms of human civilization. They were the primary tools of countless wars and hunters’ most trusted tools, allowing them

Best Scout Rifle - Cover

The Best Scout Rifles in 2022

The scout rifle, as a concept, came largely from the thinking of Col. Jeff Cooper, a Marine who spent much of his life planning, practicing,

best 6.5 PRC Rifles - cover

The Best 6.5 PRC Rifles in 2022

Why use a 6.5 PRC rifle? We break down the pros and cons of “magnumized” 6.5 Creedmoors and highlight some great rifle options.

best bergara rifles - cover

The Best Bergara Rifles in 2022

We cover the world of premium Bergara rifles, their Spanish history, and give you our top choices for this surprisingly affordable precision brand.


The Best Savage Rifles in 2022

Savage Arms has been making firearms for over 120 years. Among its resume are award-winning hunting rifles, the first level-action rifle to use a box

best ak 47 rifles - cover

The Best AK-47 Rifles in 2022

The Increasingly American Kalashnikov For generations, the AK-47 was the spooky gun in grainy TASS footage of May Day parades in Red Square, or seen

17 HMR Cover

The Best .17 HMR Rifles

What is the .17 HMR and what makes it exciting? We look at this tiny rimfire round, break down the features, and provide a selection of great .17 HMR rifles.

Best Bullpup Rifles - Cover

The Best Bullpup Rifles in 2022

We cover the world of bullpup rifles, their history, and give you our top choices for this modern classic rifle orientation.

lever action rifles - cover

The Best Lever-Action Rifles

The term “survival rifle” can mean different things to different people. We dive deep into the world of rifles built for when TSHTF.

Best AR-10s - Brownells BRN 10 series

The Best AR-10 Rifles in 2022

The grandfather of all the modern sporting rifles — and the daddy of the comparatively smaller AR-15 — the AR10 rifle has been around for

Best 224 Valkyrie Rifles - Cover

The Best .224 Valkyrie Rifles in 2022

The .224 Valkyrie rifle is fairly new to the market, only introduced commercially a few years ago, but it has nonetheless proved appealing to many

survival-rifle - cover

The Best Survival Rifles

The term “survival rifle” can mean different things to different people. We dive deep into the world of rifles built for when TSHTF.

Best 22 LR Rifles - Cover

The Best .22 LR Rifles in 2022

Ask just about any shooter what rifle they started with and they’ll tell you it was a rifle chambered for .22 LR. This rifle makes

best 300 in mag rifles - cover

The Best .300 Win Mag Rifles in 2022

The .300 Winchester Magnum is one of the most popular hunting cartridges ever developed and has remained a staple of American hunting culture ever since

best semi auto rifles - cover

The Best Semi-Auto Rifles in 2022

With so many semi-automatic rifles in ready circulation today, the question of picking the best rifle for a given caliber can be a real challenge.

S&W M&P M2.0 Compact cover

In-Depth Review: M&P Shield 2.0

Is Smith & Wesson’s second-generation M&P Compact one of the best polymer-framed handguns on the market today? I put this striker-fired pistol through its paces

AR-15 vs. M4 A Comparison

AR-15 vs. M4: A Comparison

Both the AR-15 and the M4 are based on the Armalite Rifle design from Eugene Stoner in the 1950s. These rifles have, in their respective