The Best Ruger Handguns

What are the best Ruger firearms you can buy?

Sturm Ruger & Company, generally known as Ruger Firearms or just Ruger, is one name in American firearms that everyone should know. Founded by Bill Ruger and Alexander Sturm in 1949 (both gun designers by trade) the focused on inexpensive handgun geared toward target shooting before eventually producing other, higher-end handguns and of course long guns.

Currently the second-largest gun manufacturer in the U.S. (at just shy of two million firearms in 2016), Ruger trails only Smith & Wesson in the handgun market (inclusive of revolvers) and Remington in pistols. Ruger makes a huge array of firearms, so when our readers wanted a breakdown of the top Ruger firearms by category – handgun, rifle, and shotgun – we were happy to oblige.  

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Popular Ruger Pistols

The best Ruger pistol is certainly subjective – but you tend to see 2 kinds of Ruger’s in selling best: sub-compact/conceal carry, revolvers (also CCW variants), and 22 pistols. Ruger’s strength is small arms is apparent in the way their handguns sell.

Ruger Sub-Compact & CCW

Ruger 22 Pistols

Ruger Revolvers

Popular Ruger Rifles

Ruger introduced the American series of medium bolt action rifles in 2011 and the 10/22 has been a staple beginner’s rifle for years. Ruger offers strong, performant rifles that are lightweight and shoot well in a variety of conditions. They have the right mix of features packed, but hit a number of price points – so you can generally find a Ruger long gun to meet your needs, whatever those may be. 

Ruger 22 LR Rifles

Ruger 5.56 Rifles

Other popular Ruger rifles

While this list isn’t exhaustive, Ruger makes a LOT of guns, we hope this has helped winnow the possibilities down to a more manageable list. What do you think? Are there any Ruger guns you felt were left off this list?

Popular Ruger accessories

Already have your favorite Ruger firearm? Here’s a list of curated Ruger accessories that will improve your shooting, hunting, and all-around outdoor experience.

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