Sig Opens ‘Experience Center’

Sig Sauer went big last week and opened what they call the "Sig Experience Center" in New Hampshire on the grounds of the Sig Academy training campus.
Michael Crites


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SIG Experience Center

Gun companies sometimes go big when it comes to flagship stores such as the super high-dollar Beretta Galleries, a series of eight outlets around the globe where one could buy a bespoke Italian rifle, shotgun, or pistol with a five-digit price point.

Well, Sig Sauer has taken a page from that book and last week opened what they call the “Sig Experience Center” in New Hampshire on the grounds of the Sig Academy training campus. It is 40,000 sq. ft.– by comparison, a Walgreens drugstore is about 13,500 sq. ft.– and includes not only a retail space with everything in the company’s catalog but also a series of shooting ranges where those interested in a particular Sig model can give it a spin for about $10 (plus ammo).

There is also a museum, coffee shop, and other cool stuff there. Heck, all it’s missing is a monorail.

Just as Sig is now taking its “Freedom Days” traveling range day experience on the road, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them open up other Sig Experience Centers around the country should this one proves to have high traffic.

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