Tactical Gear Reviews

From military-grade hardware to survival gear and everyday products with tactical features, we’ve researched and reviewed the tactical products that will add more capability to your everyday adventures. Whether you’re interested in something to increase your carrying ability or tackle more extreme endeavors, this is the tactical gear we recommend.


The Best Pistol Lights in 2021

A pistol light is only a tool; the question is what task you have in mind, what you want in one and what you’re willing

level 4 body armor - cover

The Best Level 4 Body Armor

Gunfights are generally bad news for all involved, but while many gun owners plan and prepare fairly well for the offensive aspects of a fight


The Best EDC Flashlights

What are the best EDC Flashlights? A phone flashlight is a great compromise if you need a convenient way to light a corner of your


The Best Shooting Gloves

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Best Hand Crank Phone Chargers - Clutter

The Best Hand Crank Phone Chargers

[Related] The Tactical Gear (all budgets and price points) What are the best hand crank phone chargers? When going off the grid, reliable forms of

Best EDC Knives - Cover

The Best EDC Knives

What are the best EDC knives? Every day carry (EDC) knives are versatile tools that many people use on a daily basis. Whether for opening

best tactical-pants-cover2

The Best Tactical Pants

[Related] The Best Concealed Carry Pants (all budgets and price points) Tactical pants are different from your everyday casual trousers.  You probably don’t need tactical


The Best Plate Carriers

What are the best plate carriers available? It’s one thing to have a tactical vest and another to have one that can carry a defensive


The Best Tactical Boots

[Related] The Best Tactical Laptop Bags (all use cases & price points) Having a good pair of boots is an absolute must for anyone who


The Best Tactical Laptop Bags

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The Best MRE Brands & Meals

Whether you’re ensuring your family will be ready in a time of need, storing meals for the long term, headed to the mountains, or just