Tactical Gear Reviews

From military-grade hardware to survival gear and everyday products with tactical features, we’ve researched and reviewed the tactical products that will add more capability to your everyday adventures. 

The Best Shooting Gloves

With a hobby like shooting, safety accessories abound. Of course, we recommend that eye and ear protection accompanies every shot you take (so that you

Popular pistol makes paired with popular lights can ease holster woes.

The Best Pistol Lights

A pistol light is only a tool; the question is what task you have in mind, what you want in one and what you’re willing

level 4 body armor - cover

Best Level 4 Body Armor

Gunfights are generally bad news for all involved, but while many gun owners plan and prepare fairly well for the offensive aspects of a fight

The Best Plate Carriers

It’s one thing to have a tactical vest and another to have one that can carry a defensive ballistic plate – be it a steel

The latest from American Firearms:

SHOT Show 2023: Best New Guns

The 45th annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show spanned over four days in Las Vegas last week, and American Firearms was there, slow-crawling 13.9 miles of aisles of exhibitors to bring you the best new guns.

The Best 22 LR Rifles

Ask just about any shooter what rifle they started with and they’ll tell you it was a rifle chambered for .22 LR. This rifle makes

The Walther P99AS Final Edition

With the P99 showing its age, Walther has announced its P99AS Final Edition, a pistol that, true to its name, even has “Final Edition” engraved on its slide.