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Below you’ll find all of our gun & gear reviews.  We aim for objectivity, helpfulness, and comprehensiveness. 

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Range Gear

We cover all the bits and bobs that make shooting better, easier, and safer.

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A Guide to Shotgun Chokes

Chokes are fantastic tools for modern hunting and target shooters to improve performance. If you want to shoot longer range

Caldwell Tackdriver in the field

The Best Shooting Rests for 2022

Shooting rests are an essential tool for creating a stable shooting and sighting platform. Shooting long-distance accurately requires minimizing movement,


All the stuff you need to build, service, maintain, or enhance your firearms. 

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300BLK barrels cover

The Best 10.5 AR Barrels in 2022

Selecting the perfect 10.5-inch AR barrel can be tricky when you account for everything from materials to twist and lengths, but I take it step-by-step to guide you home.


Tactical Gear

Products designed to offer the look, functionality, and capability needed for law enforcement, first responders, tactical operators and recreational enthusiasts.

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Best EDC Knives - Cover

The Best EDC Knives

Every day carry (EDC) knives are versatile tools that many people use on a daily basis. Whether for opening up