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May 09, 2023

Best Ruger 10/22 Slings in 2023

The Ruger 10/22 has become easily one of the most successful rifles of all time. It’s reliable, affordable, and has a wealth of accessories and customization options available, making it great for those who want to tinker and upgrade. If you’re one of those folks, chances are you might want to add a sling to… Continue reading Best Ruger 10/22 Slings in 2023

April 27, 2023

The Best Side Charging Upper Receivers in 2023

  The AR-15, when in well-trained hands, is one of the most capable weapons systems ever designed. That longstanding performance and adoption of the firearm across the globe is a testament to Eugene Stoner‘s engineering brilliance. Of course, no gun is perfect, and with time innovations give every platform an opportunity for an update. One… Continue reading The Best Side Charging Upper Receivers in 2023

April 25, 2023

The Best M&P 15-22 Suppressors in 2023

Smith & Wesson’s M&P 15 22 is a quality firearm that will quickly become anyone’s rimfire favorite. The M&P 15 22 is Smith & Wesson’s .22 variant of the tactical M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle. This firearm is designed for recreational shooting (plinking) as well as small-game hunting. It was modeled after the traditional AR-15 but… Continue reading The Best M&P 15-22 Suppressors in 2023

April 18, 2023

The Best AR-15 Lower Parts Kits in 2023

Guide to Everything AR The Russians have a saying – “a man is not a man until he has broken a horse, fathered a child, and built a house.” I’d add “and built an AR-15” to that list. It’s a bit of a right of passage for every firearm enthusiast — one day you’ll decide… Continue reading The Best AR-15 Lower Parts Kits in 2023

March 08, 2023

The Best Truck Gun Racks in 2023

If you regularly travel with a firearm, you know the importance of keeping it secured. Not only to protect the gun, scope, and people inside the vehicle but also to obey local laws. Thankfully, many products can help to meet these requirements. However, some products are significantly better than others — and some designs simply… Continue reading The Best Truck Gun Racks in 2023

February 06, 2023

The Best Dry Fire Training Systems in 2023

Firearm training is the most critical aspect of owning a firearm, primarily for self-defense. If you are not confident in your gun handling skills, you endanger everyone around you, including yourself. However, going to the range and using live fire ammunition is expensive. Some ranges will not allow you to practice drawing from your holster… Continue reading The Best Dry Fire Training Systems in 2023

February 06, 2023

A Complete Guide to Binary Triggers in 2023

What is a binary trigger? An aftermarket trigger for semi-automatic guns that allows one round to be fired upon the trigger pull and a single round to be fired as the trigger springs back AKA binary shooting or double tap. The binary trigger will enable you to shoot twice as fast with the same amount… Continue reading A Complete Guide to Binary Triggers in 2023

February 03, 2023

The Best Reloading Kits in 2023

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is today.” This Chinese Proverb can also be said about reloading. If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s that ammo manufacturers can’t keep up with demand during times of pandemic and political turmoil. If you have… Continue reading The Best Reloading Kits in 2023

December 14, 2022

Tyrant Designs Reviewed

Chicago-based Tyrant Designs’ custom AR-15 and aluminum handgun parts will be familiar to anyone who prefers a custom look to their firearms. They are the creators of the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 grip, which many companies have now begun to copy thanks to its light weight and flashy look. Tyrant Designs was made official in 2015,… Continue reading Tyrant Designs Reviewed

September 01, 2022

Nexbelt Review

Nexbelt is a newer company, just seven years in at this point, but the Rancho Cucamonga upstart is taking the belt industry by storm. While Nexbelt didn’t invent the ratchet system, they re-engineered it and improved upon existing tech. They design and build all their tools and molds, so what you see in the final… Continue reading Nexbelt Review

August 26, 2022

Magpul DAKA Review

Magpul has made a serious name amongst firearms fans due to the quality of its products and the innovative ways they solve everyday challenges. Their series of buttstocks are standard on hundreds if not thousands of AR builds, and their M-Lok rail system is an industry-standard. Magpul doesn’t stand still, and their DAKA gear is… Continue reading Magpul DAKA Review

July 28, 2022

The Best Pistol Cases

Part of being a safe and responsible gun owner is storing your firearms securely, especially pistols. You’ll also want a convenient and easy way to transport them and to keep them safe from the elements and from getting scratched and scuffed. Both of these problems can be handily solved with a high-quality pistol case. Today,… Continue reading The Best Pistol Cases

July 06, 2022

The Best .450 Bushmaster Barrels

Guide to Everything AR In this piece, I’m going to discuss arguably the best caliber to come out in recent years in terms of stopping power, the .450 Bushmaster. Gun enthusiasts who expect a round that can deliver excellent accuracy, enhance the range at which you can shoot compared to other calibers, and can be… Continue reading The Best .450 Bushmaster Barrels

June 21, 2022

Best 6.5 Creedmoor Magazines

Regardless of the number of firearms you have in your collection, it makes sense to have magazines specific to every caliber, and 6.5 Creedmoor is no exception. Firearms is one of those industries where sometimes you can get away with making things more widely compatible: it’s technically possible to use some .308 magazines for 6.5… Continue reading Best 6.5 Creedmoor Magazines

June 04, 2022

The 15 Best Glock Barrels

No matter if you are doing a new build from the ground up or are out to upgrade your Glock’s current barrel, you’ll need some guidance. Your Glock’s barrel is one of the most important components of the pistol, and there are lots of things to keep in mind before you add one to a… Continue reading The 15 Best Glock Barrels

June 03, 2022

Find Your Perfect Fit: The Best Shooting Gloves Tested

With a hobby like shooting, safety accessories abound. Of course, we recommend that eye and ear protection accompanies every shot you take (so that you can keep shooting for years to come) – but what about your hands? Putting all the tough guy pretense aside (some of us certainly take pride in our calluses &… Continue reading Find Your Perfect Fit: The Best Shooting Gloves Tested

June 01, 2022

The Best Gun Racks in 2023

Guns are ergonomic objects made to fit into human hands while we’re shooting them, which can make storing them a little tricky. The last thing I want to see is my guns getting scratched up or dented with use because I couldn’t find a good way to store them safely.  Being a gun owner, I… Continue reading The Best Gun Racks in 2023

May 27, 2022

11 AR Slings That Don’t Suck

If you ask us, there are probably too many AR-15 slings on the market. Sure, we all need a comfortable way to haul our rifle into the woods, or quickly switch between a rifle and sidearm – but which slings are ideal? What makes them easy to adjust? How the heck do you decide which… Continue reading 11 AR Slings That Don’t Suck

May 23, 2022

The Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits

Guide to Everything AR Despite some myths that were circulated in the late 1960s to catastrophic effect in the jungles of Vietnam, the AR-15, like any other firearm, needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain maximum effectiveness.  When it’s time to do so, which you should do after every range session, having the right rifle… Continue reading The Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits

May 06, 2022

The Best AR-15 Brass Catchers

If you want to avoid spending the back half of your day at the range picking up the brass casings, a brass catcher will come in handy. Given how much time & money folks invest in their AR-15 – with rails, accessories, and various upgrades – something as simple as a brass catcher – that… Continue reading The Best AR-15 Brass Catchers

May 06, 2022

The Best Shot Timers

If you’re anything like me, you are pro-gun control. No, we don’t mean taking away people’s constitutional rights; that’s absurd. I’m talking about making every shot count. Where rounds travel when fired is our responsibility, and it’s in everyone’s best interest for us to have as much control over them as humanly possible. One important… Continue reading The Best Shot Timers

May 03, 2022

The Best 10.5 AR Barrels

One of the things that helped secure the enduring legacy of the AR-15 platform is how incredibly customizable it is — and nowhere is that customization more on display than with AR-15 pistols. Initially laughed off as a bit silly, as the years have gone on more and more shooters have realized just how practical… Continue reading The Best 10.5 AR Barrels

April 23, 2022

CrossBreed Holsters Review

Springfield, Missouri’s CrossBreed Holsters began in 2005 when Mark Craighead, an avid shooter and concealed carry permit holder — like many of us — gathered a collection of holsters, quickly finding what did and didn’t work for him. Out of frustration, Mark started to work on a design for a holster he would want to… Continue reading CrossBreed Holsters Review

April 22, 2022

The Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades

There’s a reason the Ruger 10/22 has long been one of America’s favorite rimfire rifles. Its smooth action, consistent accuracy, and legendarily durable build mean even the stock OEM 10/22 will hold its own for decades. Of course, part of the fun of owning a gun is making it your own, and the 10/22 has… Continue reading The Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades

April 21, 2022

The Best Magpul Furniture Kits

Magpul Industries is, by any objective measure, one of the best and most well-known firearm accessory manufacturers on the planet. They’ve earned that reputation by making ruggedly dependable gear since 1999 – starting with their original product, the Mag Puller, from which they derived their name. Their principal-driven product approach was defined by their founder,… Continue reading The Best Magpul Furniture Kits

April 15, 2022

Best Pistol Lights: Compact Weapon Lights & Laser Light Combos Tested

A pistol light is only a tool; the question is what task you have in mind, what you want in one and what you’re willing to part with. Every one of the lights on this list fits someone very well. Maybe that’s you, maybe it isn’t. Not everyone is best-served by a TLR-1 or Surefire… Continue reading Best Pistol Lights: Compact Weapon Lights & Laser Light Combos Tested

April 12, 2022

The Best Shotgun Suppressors

Guide to Shotgunning Shotguns are some of the most versatile and most useful firearms ever created. They’re excellent weapons for hunting, general fun and target shooting, and of course for home defense.  It’s just too bad that there aren’t any shotgun silencers created to make them even better… right? Wrong! In fact, there are a… Continue reading The Best Shotgun Suppressors

April 11, 2022

The Best 7.62×39 AR Barrels

While most AR-15s are built with .223 or 5.56 barrels, an alternative is a 7.62×39 AR barrel. The 7.62×39 cartridge was developed by the Soviet Union in 1943 and used in weapons like the SKS, RPD, AK-47, and RPK. While this round is not as accurate as other cartridges, it does have its purpose in… Continue reading The Best 7.62×39 AR Barrels

April 04, 2022

The Best .308 Muzzle Brakes

If you own or are in the process of outfitting a .308 rifle, pretty soon you’ll realize that the .308 is a more than capable round in terms of delivering consistent performance at long range. One consequence of this is that when a .308 bullet leaves the barrel, it does so in a real hurry… Continue reading The Best .308 Muzzle Brakes

Banish 45 Range Test (5)

March 29, 2022

The Best 9mm Suppressors: Let’s Get Quiet

When you need to keep things quiet, be it for range etiquette or home defense needs, suppressors are a must-have. Given that 9mm firearms are incredibly common these days, both as self-defense weapons and as EDC and tactical sidearms, let’s take an in-depth look at the best 9mm suppressors on the market and see which… Continue reading The Best 9mm Suppressors: Let’s Get Quiet

March 13, 2022

Best M-Lok Bipods: Take Aim with Confidence

If you’ve ever contorted yourself into a pretzel to make a shot or struggled to keep your rifle stable when balancing the fore-end on a pointy rock, an extendable rifle bipod made to work with your M-Lok mounting system will make your life considerably easier. The trouble is that M-Lok bipods vary in size, weight,… Continue reading Best M-Lok Bipods: Take Aim with Confidence

March 10, 2022

The Best Armorers Wrenches

An armorer’s wrench is one of the primary tools that every hobbyist AR-15 owner should have in their toolset. But far too many tinkerers and hobbyists think they can get away with modifying or maintaining their AR-15 or other weapons with common tools. The performance just isn’t the same, and when you’re dropping upwards of… Continue reading The Best Armorers Wrenches

March 06, 2022

Best Level 4 Body Armor

Gunfights are generally bad news for all involved, but while many gun owners plan and prepare fairly well for the offensive aspects of a fight with a variety of guns and stockpiles of ammo — most fail to think through all of the defensive considerations. One of the basics being body armor. We walk through… Continue reading Best Level 4 Body Armor

March 05, 2022

The Best Gun Magnets

Gun magnets can add a level of accessibility to firearms that concealed carry holsters cannot. The entire goal of a gun magnet is to allow you to reach your firearm faster, surprise your attacker, and neutralize the threat. Gun magnets are ideal for people who travel a lot or spend most of their time in… Continue reading The Best Gun Magnets

March 05, 2022

The Best Concealed Carry Pants

5.11 Tactical’s Defender Flex Jeans are the best concealed carry pants for most people. They use a 65% polyester/35% cotton blend that has offers rip-stop to keep your pants in one piece, are water-resistant yet breathable, come in multiple inseam lengths, have rear-slanted side pockets that work well when seated, offer such features as front… Continue reading The Best Concealed Carry Pants

March 03, 2022

We The People Holsters Review [Hands-On]

There’s no shortage of holster brands out there, and in my time as a competitive shooter, I’ve tried most of them. Given I’m always up to try something new, We The People Holsters contacted me about reviewing some of their products and provided the holsters and mag pouch in this review free of charge. As… Continue reading We The People Holsters Review [Hands-On]

March 01, 2022

The Best .300 Blackout Barrels

Selecting the perfect barrel chambered in .300 AAC Blackout can be a little tricky as one has to take into account everything from materials and contour to twist rates and lengths, but I take it step-by-step and light the way to keep you on the path to your ideal new barrel. This article is part… Continue reading The Best .300 Blackout Barrels

February 22, 2022

The Best Running Holsters

The Crossbreed Modular Belly Band is the best running holster for most people. It pairs a molded, gun-specific CrossBreed Kydex holster with a high-quality elastic band that gives you the best of both worlds – a super-stable gun/holster fit with the flexibility of an elastic belly band. Plus the Kydex holster is backed by a… Continue reading The Best Running Holsters

February 19, 2022

The Best Taurus G2C Extended Magazines

When you pay to go to the range, you want to spend as much time as possible shooting, not reloading, which an extended magazine can assist with. Or suppose you’re in a situation where you are forced to defend yourself. You can’t afford to waste precious few seconds reloading. Not to mention reloading becomes 1,000… Continue reading The Best Taurus G2C Extended Magazines

February 16, 2022

The Best Concealed Carry Belts

No shame – everyone has at one point used a regular belt to carry their firearm. Eventually, you realize they don’t offer the support you need – and they just don’t feel right. However, if you’ve ever tried a true concealed carry belt, you’ll notice a significant difference between a regular belt and a purpose-built… Continue reading The Best Concealed Carry Belts

February 13, 2022

The Best Concealed Carry Vests

Over 2 months, we sent 15 concealed carry vests out with 6 EDC enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals across 3 states to tackle the kinds of tasks you’ll do every day with a vest like these – shopping, hitting a sports bar, going out to dinner, sitting, standing, and general running around – to find… Continue reading The Best Concealed Carry Vests

February 10, 2022

The Best Ankle Holsters

An ankle carry holster lets you carry a gun or backup weapon on your lower leg while keeping your upper torso unencumbered from larger, bulkier holsters. These holsters are designed to make it nearly impossible for people to detect (or print) your firearm, are small, stable, and do their job without jostling or discomfort. We… Continue reading The Best Ankle Holsters

February 10, 2022

The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Barrels

When it comes to building or buying any kind of rifle, the two most important parts that affect accuracy are the barrel and the optic. If you are interested in building an AR-10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, you need the best 6.5 Creedmoor barrel to perform at a distance. There are tons of barrel manufacturers,… Continue reading The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Barrels

February 02, 2022

The Best Concealed Carry Jackets

The Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell CCW jacket is the best concealed carry jacket for most people. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, and has a huge number of pockets. Most importantly, the internal carry pockets are easy to get into and make pocket carry a breeze.

January 29, 2022

The Best Gun Vices & Cleaning Stands

Have you ever tried cleaning and gunsmithing your rifle without a vise? It’s slow, sloppy, and super impractical, which is why a vise is as critical to your rifle’s life and functionality as changing the oil in your car. Every professional gunsmith uses a gun vise and you absolutely need an appropriate platform for routine… Continue reading The Best Gun Vices & Cleaning Stands

January 28, 2022

The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Suppressors

Lauded for its long-range performance capabilities, the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge is a newer entry into the centerfire world (introduced in 2007). And it’s a great choice – the 6.5 Creedmoor is an incredibly capable round that retains the punch of larger diameter bullets at long range. The thing that makes it special is that it… Continue reading The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Suppressors

January 18, 2022

The Best M&P 2.0 Trigger Upgrades

Smith & Wesson’s M&P (Military and Police) pistol has been on many best-of lists since its inception in 2005. This polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol has the reliability of a Smith & Wesson coupled with newer tech like a polymer-frame and ergonomic improvements from the combination of two other S&W guns — the Smith &… Continue reading The Best M&P 2.0 Trigger Upgrades

January 17, 2022

Adjustable Gas Blocks: A Field Guide

With so many barrel and ammunition combinations in the AR-15 world, the platform’s unique and ordinarily reliable gas operation system could run into trouble in some circumstances. An easy fix for this pitfall can be an adjustable gas block, enabling the user to fine-tune their rifle’s operation. This article is part of our ongoing Guide… Continue reading Adjustable Gas Blocks: A Field Guide

January 16, 2022

The Best Sig P320 Upgrades

The Sig Sauer P320 is a striker-fired handgun platform that was designed from the ground up to be customizable and modular. It was developed to compete in the MX17 Modular Handgun System trials, which it won. After winning the competition the P320 received the designations M17 and M18 and was adopted by the United States… Continue reading The Best Sig P320 Upgrades

January 16, 2022

The Best SKS Rifle Stocks

Determining what to upgrade on a rifle can be daunting. Optics, triggers, rails, & accessories galore all call at your wallet. A good aftermarket stock will not only give you a huge array of configuration options for your favorite Russian firearm but can also make shooting this particular assault weapon even more fun. Many folks… Continue reading The Best SKS Rifle Stocks

January 14, 2022

The Best Buffer Tube Kits

A balanced firearm is a beautiful thing. Not only is it easier to shoot and less prone to wear and tear, but shooting a truly balanced gun is satisfying in a way less orderly set-ups can’t touch. In addition to being one of the best ways to dial in the feel of your rifle, no… Continue reading The Best Buffer Tube Kits

January 14, 2022

The Best Reloading Presses

History always repeats itself regarding ammunition shortages in times of civil unrest, political turmoil, and pandemics. We have seen it repeatedly, and without fail, ammunition is one of the first resources to disappear. When these events occur, it’s handy to be able to reload your ammunition on one of the many reloading presses available today.… Continue reading The Best Reloading Presses

January 10, 2022

The Best AR-15 Suppressors

  If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your AR-15 rifle with a suppressor, you’re in good company. According to the ATF, the number of suppressors in circulation has almost doubled in the past 3 years, to more than 1.7 million in 2019. This explosion in product has led to a massive amount of innovation, and… Continue reading The Best AR-15 Suppressors

January 08, 2022

The Best Shooting Tripods

As a hunter and provider, there is no worse feeling than knowing you just made a poor shot on an animal due to a lack of stability. As hunters, we want to make the most ethical shot possible so the animal doesn’t suffer, and that begins with a stable shooting position. That’s why many hunters… Continue reading The Best Shooting Tripods

January 02, 2022

The Best Aftermarket Glock Triggers

Glock pistols are popular for a good reason: they’re durable tools that serve people well around the world. Whether it’s in military settings, law enforcement, tactical or civilian uses from self-defense to the highest echelons of competition, you’re likely to find a Glock anywhere someone is using a handgun.

December 28, 2021

The Best Shooting Targets

Zig Ziglar famously said, “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” While he wasn’t speaking directly about shooting, it still applies. A day at the range would be terribly dangerous, boring, and unproductive if you were not aiming at — and consistently hitting — a target.  Every shooter should have several… Continue reading The Best Shooting Targets

October 11, 2021

50 Perfect Gifts for Gun Lovers

Gift-giving can be one of the most nerve-wracking and dreadful seasonal activities, especially when on the prowl for gifts for gun lovers. Sure, your lovable gun nut may insist they’re easy to shop for — but we all know they’re not. There’s just a ton of details involved if you want to get it right… Continue reading 50 Perfect Gifts for Gun Lovers

October 01, 2021

Olight PL-Mini 2 Review [Hands-On]

It’s not every day a new company can come out of the blue to challenge well-established competitors in a massively competitive industry — but Olight has somehow managed to do just that by creating new, interesting illumination products and offering them at remarkably competitive prices.  We put one of their most popular products, the PL-Mini… Continue reading Olight PL-Mini 2 Review [Hands-On]

December 04, 2020

The Best AR-15 Mag Releases

The best AR-15 mag release is one that allows you to activate the magazine release quickly, consistently, and improves the overall functionality of your rifle. When it comes to effective use of a firearm few things are as critical as comfortably and quickly swapping magazines. It’s amazing how many times you’ll touch a magazine release… Continue reading The Best AR-15 Mag Releases

December 01, 2020

The Best .300 Blackout Magazines

The .300 Blackout is one of the more interesting calibers in recent years, officially approved by SAAMI in 2011, and born out of a need for a specialized close-combat round for special operations units, the .300 AAC Blackout has become one of the most popular chamberings for the AR-15 platform – and for a good… Continue reading The Best .300 Blackout Magazines