The Best Glock Handguns

What is the best Glock handgun?

Chances are if you’re a gun owner looking for a new pistol – either for self-defense or something new for the range – a Glock handgun can do the job. These pistols are consistently top sellers  in the civilian market charts thanks to their durability, consistency, and variety. 

In general, handguns designed for concealed carry have contrasting characteristics to home defense pistols. A shorter barrel and lower capacity is important for concealing a firearm on your person, while grip length, accessory option, and more capacity will be desirable for a home defense pistol. You’ll need to determine what your Glock will be used to to ensure you find the right fit.

Let’s break down the best of the best so you know which one to choose.

Quick List: The Best Glock Handguns

  1. Best Overall: Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS
  2. Best For Target Shooting: Glock 34 Gen 5 FS MOS
  3. Also Great: Glock 19 Gen5 9mm
  4. Best Package Deal: Glock G23 G4
  5. Best Concealed Carry: Glock 43X 9mm

Best Overall:

The Glock G17 is arguably the most popular Glock pistol model on the planet.

There are tons of features that make it worth your consideration, starting with its trademark durability and flexibility. It features a modular backstrap that will let you customize the grip for your unique hand size. The entire surface is also textured for easier handling, making it difficult to lose your hold on the weapon, even in a confrontation. 

It features a dual recoil spring assembly to make it even more durable and an enlarged magazine catch, which can accommodate either left or right-handed shooters, that makes changing the magazine easy and fast. A Glock accessory rail is available for any attachments you might want to include.


  • Very to use with attachments
  • Ideal for left or right-handed shooters
  • Grip is customizable
  • Very easy to hold
  • Best capacity at 17 rounds


  • More of a generalist pistol
  • Much larger than other options

Best For Target Shooting:

This fifth-generation G34 pistol is another fantastic choice, featuring an extended 5.3” barrel for enhanced accuracy and larger slide dimensions. As a result, it’s a particularly good target shooting pistol, especially since it features a special marksman barrel that includes enhanced polygon rifling and an improved barrel crown. 

The gun is somewhat unique in that the grip doesn’t feature any grooves, though it does include ambidextrous slide stop levers for added versatility and even more control. A non-corrosive finish increases the pistol’s durability even further, and you get a 10-round magazine with your purchase.


  • Has a barrel designed for increased accuracy
  • Durable finish
  • Features excellent front and rear sights
  • Good for ambidextrous users


  • A bit pricier than average
  • No finger grooves

Also Great:

This Gen 5 G19 Glock pistol comes with night sights built into its frame, making this a great duty carry pistol or self-defense weapon. It also comes with the same adjustable grip back strap as the Glock 17 making it easy to customize the grip to your hand shape. Finger grooves can also be removed for added versatility and customization, helping to increase hand feel and control. It comes with an enhanced trigger spring assembly design, so each trigger pull is smooth and snappy.

Other additional benefits like an enhanced magazine floorplate, and the 15+1 capacity gives the most capacity of any Glock handgun. All these plus the non-corrosive finish make this a great pistol for tons of uses.


  • Very good for duty carrying or self-defense
  • Has excellent sights
  • Comes with customizable grip and finger grooves
  • Has noncorrosive finish


  • Slide lever is a bit too small for some

Best Package Deal:

Here’s a Gen 4 G23 Glock pistol with a 13+1 capacity, and it’s chambered in 40 S&W rounds, breaking from the traditional focus on 9mm Glocks. It features a modular backstrap designed to let you customize the grip, plus a dual recoil spring assembly for added durability. The reversible magazine catch lets you use it whether you’re right or left-handed.

We also like that it’s relatively affordable and comes with three magazines. 

The Gen 4 Glock G43s’ 4” barrel-length offers a blend of ranged accuracy and concealed carry/self-defense application – plus the 13+1 capacity gives you all the rounds you’ll need to have a good time at the range or feel secure in a self-defense situation.


  • Comes with chambering for rounds other than 9mm
  • Good capacity
  • Comes with three magazines
  • Grip can be customized to your liking


  • Ammo may be a little harder to find/buy than a 9mm

Best Concealed Carry:

This last Glock pistol is a Glock 43x model with fixed sites and chambered for 9mm Luger rounds. It has a relatively limited capacity of 10+1, but the 3.4” barrel paired with the 1” width and weight of just over 1 pound makes for an excellent self-defense or concealed carry pistol. Plus the 5” height gives you enough grip to maintain control in any situation. 

Overall the 43X is an extremely sleek and slim firearm, with a silver finished slide specially coated for added durability.

It ships with two 10-round magazines and comes with Glock sights from the factory – but you can easily switch these out for your own optics if you like.


  • Very easy to conceal
  • Incredibly lightweight and slim
  • Good factory sights that can be swapped out if you like


  • Lower capacity thank other options

How to ensure you get the perfect Glock for your needs

Glocks occupy a specific – if broad – niche in the firearm market, serving as versatile home defense and target shooting weapons.

There are plenty of things that distinguish each model from its cousins – be it full size or compact –  so keep these aspects in mind as you buy to ensure you get a Glock that’s perfect for your unique needs.


Firstly, consider the caliber a given Glock might be chambered for. The majority of Glock pistols will be chambered for 9 mm cartridges, which suits the platform’s versatility.

However, you may be able to find a Glock suited for more niche purposes if it’s chambered for different rounds – such as the larger 10mm or a .22LR option.

You may also want a Glock that’s chambered for the caliber of your other handguns  – or simply for the ammo you have stockpiled at the moment.


The magazine capacity of a Glock also matters, as it dictates how many shots you can fire before you need to reload and impacts things like weight & grip length, so capacity indirectly impacts control and hand feel.

 The majority of Glock pistols have capacities hovering around 12 cartridges or so, either in the magazine or magazine plus a chambered cartridge. Other options – often a double stack magazine may offer up to 16 rounds, while the single stack Glock 43 will offer just 6 rounds. Keep in mind that higher capacities will generally weigh more – which may prevent them from being a top choice for concealed carry.

Barrel Length

The barrel length of a Glock can also impact whether it’s better suited for self-defense, as a concealed carry weapon, or both. Glocks with shorter barrels are easier to use with small concealed carry holsters and are generally better for close-quarters self-defense.

However, if your Glock has a longer barrel, it’ll be slightly more accurate (since your sights will provide more of a benefit) and more intimidating. Often longer barrelled Glocks will also have longer/thicker grips, which means higher capacity as well.


Lastly, think about the finish you’ll want your  Glock to come with. Some Glock pistols come with anti-corrosive finishes or finishes that may prevent them from glaring or shining in sunlight.

These are always excellent additional factors to look for since they’ll protect your Glock from the years of use you’ll get out of it.


Overall, the best Glock handgun for most people is the Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS, which features a versatile design with extra durability and plenty of customizability. You’ll be able to tailor the grip according to your needs and use this capably for either self-defense or target shooting. Consider each of the options above, though, and choose the one that works best for your needs. Good hunting!

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