The Best Gun Magnets for 2022

Kenzie Fitzpatrick


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Gun magnets can add a level of accessibility to firearms that concealed carry holsters cannot.

The entire goal of a gun magnet is to allow you to reach your firearm faster, surprise your attacker, and neutralize the threat. Gun magnets are ideal for people who travel a lot or spend most of their time in a vehicle and for home defense purposes, by eliminating the need to carry your firearm but keeping it within arms reach.

We break down the right magnets for any scenario.

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Gun Magnet Comparison

Below is my list of the best gun magnets for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

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Pachmayr Pac Mag Gun Storage Magnet30 lbs4" x 1"$16.99
Lockdown Magnum Gun Concealment Magnet75 lbs6" x 15"$27.99
Nswern Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Holder15 lbs2.5" x 5.5"$17.99
Frontnew Gun Magnet Mount Holder 2 Pack55 lbs3.7" x 1.4"$15.99
GMW Magnetic Pistol Magnet Mount30 lbs2" x 4"$14.99

Gun Magnet Reviews

1. Pachmayr Pac Mag Gun Storage Magnet

This triple-magnet from Pachmayr features over-molded rubber, so it won’t tarnish a gun’s finish when mounted. The three magnet design can support up to 30 lbs — enough for a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

The magnet kit comes with mounting screws, drywall anchors if you’re planning to mount it indoors, as well as double-sided adhesive tape.

Key Features:
  • Size: 4″ x 1″
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Hold: 30lb
  • Magnet Count: 3
  • Material: Overmolded Black Rubber

2. Lockdown Magnum Gun Concealment Magnet

Lockdown Magnum Magnet Gun Mount with Strong, Rubber Coated Design and 75 lb Capacity for Shotgun,...
  • DIMENSIONS: 6" L x 1.5" W x .63" D and weighs .63 lbs
  • EASE OF USE: Simply apply the included wood screws to the desired location and begin hanging (cannot...
  • VERSATILITY: Can hold various size pistols (even larger frame magnum handguns) or a single long gun,...

This magnet from Lockdown is a step up from many, with four magnets strong enough to hold up to 75 lbs, making it a good choice for those interested in mounting full-size pistols, rifles, or shotguns, as the hold may make for a challenging removal with smaller pistols.

The kit includes mounting screws and drywall anchors to customize your safe or mount to a wall.

Key Features:
  • Size: 6″ x 1.5″
  • Weight: 9oz
  • Hold: 75lb
  • Magnet Count: 4
  • Material: Overmolded Black Rubber

3. Nswern Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Holder

Nswern Gun Magnet Mount Holster 15.4Lbs Quickdraw Load Pistol Holder Handgun and Strong Magnetic...
  • 【POWERFUL MAGNETIC 】Strong 15.4Lbs Magnet Chip inside will firmly hold your handgun, airsoft,...
  • 【QUICKDRAW FAST LOADING】Quick extraction and loading design can great improve your safe in an...
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】 Super easy to install which you can do in minutes. Use in the car, truck,...

This quickdraw-style magnet mounts to the top of a handgun’s slide, making it ideal for use with flat top pistols.

It’s also specifically designed to store a concealed gun in a car, truck, vehicle, desk, table, or other flat surfaces. The magnet supports 15.4 pounds which means it’s pistol-only but will release your firearm quickly.

Key Features:
  • Size: 2.5″ x 5.5″
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Hold: 15.4lb
  • Magnet Count: 1
  • Material: Eco-friendly Coating

4. Frontnew Gun Magnet Mount Holder 2 Pack

Frontnew Gun Magnet Mount Holder 2 Pack, 55 lb Rating Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Mount,Precision...
  • High-quality and powerful magnet: The gun magnet with strong magnetic force can strongly support a...
  • Avoid scratches, easy to hide: the rubber coating is a layer on the surface of the magnet. Rubber...
  • Suitable type: suitable for all brands and types of guns. Available for Handguns, Shotguns, Pistols,...

With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this pair of flat gun magnets pack a lot of performance and value into one package. Supporting up to 55 pounds of weight, you can mount handguns, rifles, or shotguns. The flat design gives you the flexibility to choose how to mount the firearm, either by the slide side or top, for example.

Because of its slim design, this versatile little magnet can be mounted under a table, on the side of the bed, in a safe, in a car, or anywhere your gun will fit.

The installation comes with tape options for the inside of a safe or mounting screws for a more permanent fix. The exterior has an anti-scratch rubber cover, so there’s no marring of your guns.

Key Features:
  • Size: 3.7″ x 1.4″
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Hold: 55 lbs
  • Magnet Count: 2
  • Material: Black Rubber

5. GMW Magnetic Pistol Magnet Mount

GMW Gun Magnet [2-Pack] | 30 lbs. Rating Magnetic Gun Mount | HQ Rubber Coated Gun Magnet Buckler...
  • 💪【STRONG MAGNETIC GRIP】– Your Gun Magnet World (GMW) Buckler Series Gun Magnet is...
  • ⚡【DOESN’T SCRATCH YOUR FIREARM】– Unlike other competitors, our magnetic gun mounts’...
  • 🔧【QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION】– The GMW Buckler Series Gun Magnet uses double-sided...

This pair of round gun magnets hold up to 30 lbs of weight, with an exterior design that uses TPU material (similar to phone cases) to prevent scratching of the finish. You can mount your gun parallel or perpendicular to the magnet.

The versatile mount installs with double-sided adhesive tape and two heavy-duty screws for easy installation. Mount this magnet in your car, in your safe, or under a bedside table.

Key Features:
  • Size: 2″ x 4″
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Hold: 30 lbs
  • Magnet Count: 2
  • Material: TPU casing

Type of Gun Magnets

Magnetic gun mounts give you a lot a versatility for finding the right location for a firearm.

QuickDraw Magnets. Quickdraw magnets provide a slight channel into which the pistol is set, which allows for a directional release. You’ll often see these mounted under the dashboards or ignition buttons on trucks and other vehicles because the channel provides horizontal support — helping keep pistols upright even when traversing bumps and rough terrain. These are slightly more expensive than flat magnets but have specific use cases which warrant the additional cost.

Flat Magnets. Flat magnets often look like pancakes or metal brackets, with no standard feature other than their flat design. They are the most versatile magnets and can be mounted anywhere you can gain purchase with a couple of screws. Also popular in vehicles and under cabinetry or shelving, flat gun magnets are also the least expensive option.

Pistol + Magazine Magnets. If you want to mount your pistol and magazine with a single magnet, a pistol + magazine magnet provides a single location for both. These often have channels for both handguns and magazines, helping keep both in proper alignment. They’re a little larger than QuickDraw magnets and may require more mounting space as the magazines add width and length to the unit.

Trigger Guard Magnets. None of the above options have any kind of trigger safety built-in, which is where trigger guard magnets come in. The largest of the magnet options, a trigger guard magnet, has a wraparound guard that prevents accidental discharge and provides lateral support for the pistol itself. While the safest option, compatibility can be an issue as not all firearms have identical dimensions, so be mindful of fit with your specific gun.

Important Gun Magnet Features

Gun mounted in kitchen with a gun magnet
With the appropriate hold strength and mounting features you can turn almost anywhere in your home into a strategic position.

Each magnet listed above has specific features that helped it to make our list. Sometimes a brand stands out because of its ease of use, other times its versatility, and others stand out because they offer a unique solution to magnet-based gun mounting.

Mounting Specifications

Before choosing a gun magnet, you have to determine first where you plan on mounting the gun, how you want the gun mounted, and the weight of the firearm you’ll be mounting. Keep in mind that the weapon needs to be easy to reach without spending a lot of time searching for the grip.

You may be surprised to find that many gun magnets can support not just the weight of a pistol but also an SBR, full rifle, or even some shotguns. They open up a considerable number of options to the home defense-minded user.

Hold Strength

When purchasing a gun magnet, the number one thing you have to do is be sure that the gun will not fall off of the magnet when it is fully loaded.

Whether you drive a semi-truck or a compact car, the engine’s vibrations should not be able to shake the gun off of the magnet. A quality gun magnet for the interior of a vehicle will have a secure, more permanent mount, which usually includes screws.

Look for a magnet that can support twice the weight of your firearm for a secure hold regardless of where it’s mounted.

Scratch Resistance

Another reason to buy a quality gun magnet is to maintain the finish of the firearm you are mounting. Magnets designed with exposed metal can cause scratches and defects on slides, uppers, and lowers each time you grab the gun and force them off the mount. 

Accessory Compatibility

The compatibility of the firearm and magnet is critical. We’ll go more in-depth later, but some magnets can’t be used with flashlights, lasers, night sights, etc. Make sure the magnet you’re considering won’t hinder your use of required accessories or require you to alter your setup.

Organizational Options

Besides defensive purposes, gun magnets are also great tools for organizing weapons in a gun safe or a gun room. There is only so much space in a gun safe, so optimizing the available room by mounting guns to the back of the door or sides can free up space for other guns.

For the interior wall of a gun safe, consider a mount with an adhesive, so you don’t have to drill into the safe’s metal.

Shelf Use

Gun magnets can also be used for displaying pistols on a shelf. There are a variety of wall mounts for long guns that include racks, metal or wooden hooks, or even glass cases.

While these are all great options, nothing beats a magnetic mount that keeps a weapon secure to the wall. Consider purchasing a multi-magnet that can hold the weight of a fully-loaded long gun if display is your goal.

Ensuring Your Gun Magnet Will Work for You

The only person who can determine if a gun magnet will work for you is you. If the gun you plan to mount will be fully loaded, you have to be able to grip the gun and pull it off the mount safely without any negligent discharge or flagging of a car passenger, for example.

Vehicle placement is a careful consideration. What kind of vehicle are you planning to use with the mount? Are you left or right-handed? How far does your arm extend from the driver’s seat?

These variables give you critical information that you can use to determine the right gun magnet mount for your needs and the location of available surfaces.

Vehicle-Type Considerations

Larger vehicles that sit higher up are harder to peer into, so a gun mounted to the driver’s right is still concealed. Compact cars may require more strategic mounting positions, so the weapon isn’t easily viewable when in the magnet. Left-handed people will have a completely different mount location so their dominant hand can grip the gun just as a right-handed shooter would.

Protective Coatings

Many gun magnets are rubberized or coated, so the surface won’t be marred when a firearm mounts to it. Even when carrying a pistol in a concealed carry holster, the slide’s finish may start to wear from the friction of going in and out of a holster. It’s near impossible to avoid getting a scratch or two on a mounted firearm, but a coated magnet will lessen the damage.

Home Use

One of the hardest things to come to terms with is that your home is not a secure location. Your home may be one of the most vulnerable places, despite security alarms, high fences, and good locks.

Consider where you spend the most time in your home. Now think, where’s the nearest gun? When a security breach happens, there isn’t time to go searching for a weapon of any kind.

The closest tool, object, or gun may be your only line of defense. We spend a lot of time in our bed sleeping, so an ideal location for a firearm would be on the side of a nightstand or the wall behind the nightstand or bed. Figure out the hot spots in your home and draw up a plan for locations for hidden gun mounts.

If you work from home, especially in this new virtual working world we are living in, consider securely mounting a gun to your desk. One option may be on the underside of your desk or even in a drawer to add an extra element of security. There are a couple of reasons why concealment should be just as important as easy access. Unfortunately, robberies, carjacking, and home invasions do happen.

The first target bad guys look for is armed citizens, whether that be an officer of the law, or someone open carrying, for example. Their goal is to disarm people, the structure/security system and take away all forms of communication to reach help.

Always try and mount guns in places that are concealable. If you’re the only one that knows where the firearm is, you have the element of surprise on your side.

Vehicle Mounting Considerations

Flat magnets give you options for using multiple locations in a vehicle for a fiream, magazines, and other accessories.
  • Center Console. There are several mounting locations in a vehicle. The most common place for a pistol is beside the center console, which is convenient for right-hand shooters.

  • Door Mounting. Left-handed people may need to mount a gun on their car door to get their strong hand grip on the gun first. Installing the magnet mount isn’t as simple as screwing it into your car. Canting the frame of a pistol to present a more natural grip allows for a faster draw, so the magnet needs to be installed in a direction that supports ergonomic orientations.

    Be sure to mount the gun in arm’s reach, so you don’t have to spend time searching for the frame of the gun when you need it most.

  • Under Seat. Another location that is easy to draw from is under a car seat. An under-the-car-seat mount may require a professional installation, but this can be an inconspicuous way to store your firearm for quick use.

  • SBRs & Long Guns. Long guns present a more complicated challenge to mount and conceal, but it’s not impossible. Short barreled rifles and AR pistols are small enough in length to mount on the back of the passenger seat and still be concealable with a rear-seat gun rack.

    The gun is still in reach of the driver but out of view from the car’s front. Another option is mounting these shorter long guns to the left of the passenger side seat, so all the driver has to do is reach over the center console and grab the gun.

What to Avoid

The entire point of a gun magnet mount is for you to deploy your firearm quickly. If you don’t carry a round in the chamber, you are defeating the entire purpose of having easy access to a gun.

Avoid gun mounts that will charge the slide of a firearm, inserting a round into the chamber, or magnets that will manipulate the gun in any way. Racking a slide too softly, or manually, against a mount can cause failures to feed and put the gun out of battery.

Not to mention, if you don’t train regularly on racking your slide in your vehicle, it won’t be second nature in your moment of need.

Avoid leaving your gun in your vehicle overnight or when your car is not in use. Traffic stops can become more complicated when there’s a mounted gun in sight. You need to store your documents (license, registration, insurance) in a location far away from the firearm so there’s no mistaking what you are trying to retrieve.

Tell law enforcement each action you’re about to perform before moving your hands so they feel at ease and the situation doesn’t escalate.

Accessories like flashlights, lasers, red dots, and even night sights may not be compatible with some magnet mounts. A stock Glock, for example, can be mounted by the top of the slide, but a Glock MOS with a red dot will require a side mount orientation due to the additional height of the sight.

Each accessory you add adds weight to the firearm, which means you may have to purchase a magnet strong enough for additional weight if you modify the gun later.

Gun Magnet Pricing

Like most other gun accessories, gun magnets are value-added. In general, the higher the price, the more durable and protective coatings will be. But don’t be fooled by gimmicky price points: even a top-of-the-line gun magnet shouldn’t cost you much more than $50. Beyond that, you’re paying for something you don’t need unless your situation is super unique.

How We Selected Our Recommendations

Magnets should not replace a quality concealed carry holster. Consider a magnet an option for when you’re driving for long periods and want a break from your holster, but when exiting your vehicle, you can go right back to carrying concealed. Gun magnets also make it easier to be comfortable at home without wearing a gun on your person every waking hour.

As much as we would love to test out every magnet on the list, that simply isn’t feasible monetarily or time-wise. Therefore, we must lean on online reviews and discussion with experts and the personal experience with the products. By considering all these factors, we can give you our best advice on gun magnets.

There are times when certain products or categories are a real challenge — be it availability, cost, or simply a lack of resources — we can get stymied going hands-on with all the potential candidates. Rather than present a never-ending list of all the gun magnets on the planet, we selected those which we felt best represent the price points laid out above — giving you a solid representational list to serve as a jumping-off point for your own research (you are going to do you own research, right?)

To avoid disappointment or steering you in the wrong direction, we bolster our own experience with conversations with experts, comb through reviews on retailer sites & sales data, review industry publications, other blogs, and otherwise surface the best information available.

We aim for all thriller, no filler, as they say.

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