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Sep 2023

When you pay to go to the range, you want to spend as much time as possible shooting, not reloading, which an extended magazine can assist with. Or suppose you’re in a situation where you are forced to defend yourself. You can’t afford to waste precious few seconds reloading.

Not to mention reloading becomes 1,000 times more difficult in a high-pressure, self-defense situation for the average shooter, which can lead to a fumbled reload.

That’s why many people own semi-automatic pistols. Semi-autos offer the ability to carry more ammo in a magazine body than a revolver’s cylinder. However, some guns, such as the Taurus G2C, only come with 10 or 12-round factory magazines, while other semi-autos enable the user to pack 15+ rounds with a double-stacked, offset, or staggered configuration.

Hence, the need for an extended Taurus G2C magazine. With the larger magazine, you reap several benefits, primarily the ability to carry more ammunition, but aftermarket mags are often made with better materials and designed to avoid reliability issues that can plague lower-quality standard magazines.

With that said there are several factors to consider before purchasing extra magazines. How large of a capacity do you need? Can you accurately handle the additional weight? Will your Taurus G2C still fit in your holster with an extended mag? How often can you train to become proficient in operating your Taurus with a larger capacity?

Let’s dive in.

Side By Side Comparison

Why listen to us?

I carry a small pistol that came with a 7+1 standard capacity magazine from the factory. Before I left the gun store, I bought a couple of extended magazines for two reasons.

The first was that my pinky didn’t have any grip, so I had to adjust my grasp, and I didn’t like that. The second reason is that I would rather carry fewer mags without sacrificing capacity, so I don’t have to reload as often if I am forced to defend myself.

I have been in your shoes. I have had to pause target practice to reload magazines far too often — and have purchased extended magazines for multiple firearms, but especially to replace the standard magazine of compact pistols I carry for self-defense.

I’m here to help new and experienced gun enthusiasts alike make the best choice when choosing an extended mag for your Taurus G2C.

G2C Extended Magazine Reviews

1. ProMag 15 Round G2C Extended Magazine

ProMag Taurus PT111G2 15 Round 9mm Magazine

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primary arms
palmetto state armory

ProMag is known for making high-quality aftermarket firearm products. Countless competitive shooters and everyday carriers trust their products.

The Taurus PT111G2 9mm magazine holds 15 rounds bringing the Taurus G2C up to par with several other compact pistol capacities.

This magazine is made in the USA so you can be confident that it was expertly machined to the highest quality standards and fits nicely into any G2C pistol for years of reliable feeding.

The ProMag 15 round 9mm Magazine is for the individual who wants to carry more bullets than the default 12 rounds without the magazine becoming too large to properly conceal or handle in a self-defense situation.

2. Taurus G2C Extended 12 Round Magazine

Taurus G2C 9mm 12 Round Magazine

Other Sellers:

primary arms

The Taurus brand is known for offering entry-level products at prices most can afford and has only recently won over professional shooters.

While many don’t consider them to be one of the top gun manufacturers, in recent years they have increased their product quality and dependability, with many people fully converted to Taurus fans.

This Taurus extended magazine, though it only holds 12 rounds, helps to keep your gun compact so you can carry multiple mags without them constantly being in the way. It also cuts down on the overall weight of your firearm thanks to the lightweight body material.

This extended magazine is basically the standard factory mag, which also fits the Taurus PT111G2 because the Taurus G2C is an updated version of the PT111G2.

This mag is the best Taurus G2C extended magazine for the 9mm carrier who is looking to increase their collection of 12-round magazines or step up from their 10-round mags.

It doesn’t drastically increase the weight of their gun, and it allows them to keep their Taurus authentic.

3. ProMag G2C 32-Round Extended Magazine

ProMag G2C 32 Round 9mm Magazine

Other Sellers:

primary arms
palmetto state armory

Trusted by many firearms enthusiasts because of their durability and dependability, ProMag products are proudly made in the USA.

More than doubling the size of a 15 round mag, the ProMag Extended magazine is one magazine that you won’t have to reload very often. You’ll have a giant magazine secured in your Taurus G2C.

You’ll almost certainly want a speed loader to keep from rubbing your thumb raw loading this beast.

Constructed from high-quality materials such as heat-treated carbon steel and coated in a black-oxide finish that helps fight corrosion, the ProMag Taurus G2C Extended 32-round mag is sure to handle any situation you might face for years to come.

I’d recommend against carrying this magazine due to its size alone (although there’s something awesome about the idea of having 32 rounds on board for a tense situation…)

However, it’s perfect for a fun day on the range when you don’t want to spend your time reloading and switching between different magazines as 3 of these will have you burning through almost a full 100 bullets.

4. Taurus G3C / G2C Extended Magazine


Taurus 17 Round Magazine G3c

Other Sellers:

primary arms
palmetto state armory

Taurus manufactures high-quality entry level priced guns and gun parts. When you purchase from the same manufacturer you are confident the magazine will fit properly into your firearm and feed reliably.

This product will increase your round count by at least five rounds. This means less time reloading and more time shooting. However, it will also add more weight to your gun.

This is a 17-round 9mm magazine that fits the Taurus G3C and the Taurus G2C. Manufactured by Taurus so it’s made to the same standards as the factory mags that came with your gun.

This is a perfect all-around extended mag. It’s compact enough for concealed carriers to comfortably carry it. It has a large enough capacity for range shooters who don’t want to spend all their time reloading.

5. ProMag Taurus G2C 50-Round Drum

ProMag Taurus PT 111 G2 9MM 50-Round Drum Magazine

Other Sellers:

primary arms
palmetto state armory

ProMag manufactures high-quality magazines in America. They stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee so you can have peace of mind knowing you can depend on your Pro Mag product.

You will be the envy and talk of the gun range as you secure this 50 round drum into your Taurus G2C. You’ll feel like an actor in a movie who never runs out of ammo.

Few people have a 50 round magazine because they are a tad over the top, however, when you go to the range you’ll only have to reload once or twice.

I recommend buying a speedloader for it because loading that much ammo is tiring and time consuming.

This mag is for the guy who doesn’t mind people staring at the range. It’s impossible to conceal and extremely heavy, so don’t purchase this for your EDC.

Sizes of G2C Extended Mags

There are several different sizes of extended magazines that fit a Taurus G2C. They range from 12 rounds up to 50 rounds. Each has its proper use.

12 Round Capacity

A 12 round capacity mag is excellent for concealed carry because it keeps the gun compact and doesn’t add much weight to the gun.

15 Round Capacity

It is the best all-around high-capacity magazine because you can take it to the range and spend more time shooting than reloading. It also doesn’t add too much weight or size to discount it from concealing it for self-defense or use with competitive shooting.

17 Round Capacity

The 17 round is another excellent all-around large-capacity magazine because you get a couple more rounds without adding a lot of weight or size compared to a 15 round mag.

32 Round Capacity

Not designed for concealing, a 32 round mag makes for a fun day at the range because you will spend minimal time reloading. I highly recommend one solution for these higher-capacity magazines — a speed loader. You should expect these to be more than three times the length of a 10 round mag.

50 Round Capacity

A 50 round drum is another one for the range only. Unless you’re starring in an action movie, there’s no need for except that you shouldn’t have to reload the entire time you’re at the range.

Important G2C Extended Mag Features

The features of a high-quality Taurus extended mag are the materials used, capacity, and fit.


The most common materials used to make an extended mag are steel and polymer. The magazine body that houses the spring is durable steel. Most of the time, it’s heat-treated and has a protective coating. The rigid polymer is used to construct the follower and grip extension.


Magazine size matters. The capacity of mags ranges from 7 rounds up to 50. Extended magazines are considered anything over ten rounds.


An extended mag can help the gun fit more comfortably in your hand with a grip extension.

Many compact guns require you to grip the firearm differently from a full-size pistol, so adding an extended mag allows you to use your regular grip.

Why Use an Extended Mag for Your Taurus G2C?

A Taurus G2C pistol
A Taurus G2C pistol

Many people prefer to carry at least 15 rounds on them. However, the Taurus G2C only offers a 12-round factory magazine. So, in order to reach this minimum threshold we look to purchase extended mags.

There are many reasons for wanting an extended mag. Having more rounds loaded means you won’t have to reload as much. Reloading is costly and becomes immensely more difficult during a high-pressure situation.

Reducing the times you have to reload is critical, which makes extended magazines important.

I used to hear my grandpa say “It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than not have a gun and need it.” I think the same rings true about ammunition because a gun is just a paperweight until you load it. An extended mag gives you more opportunity to hit your target.

When you’re under stress you will not be as accurate as you are normally. Unless you train in a high-stress environment.

The need for a Taurus extended mag can also be for comfort. As I mentioned earlier one of my carry pistols isn’t large enough for my pinky to grip without an extended magazine.

Lastly, it’s okay to just want one. We live in America, where we love our guns and firearm accessories.


Negative Associations

Extended mags often get a negative connotation because, in several states, they are illegal due to them being “high-capacity magazines.”

Most gun control advocates claim that the number of mass shooting victims would be cut in half without high-capacity mags. That’s why many states are beginning to ban them and enact strict laws against magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

Additional Weight

By themselves, individual rounds aren’t heavy. However, the weight quickly adds up as you load the bullets into a magazine and impact the way your pistol shoots.

The extra weight can affect your accuracy, and the longer mag can snag on your clothing or environment much easier.

A Challenge to Conceal

A larger mag is much more difficult to conceal, which means you are more prone to printing. This means people around you can see that you are carrying a firearm because your clothing outlines the grip.

Potential Feeding Issues

Based on my personal experience, I’ve found that extended mags tend not to feed as smoothly as factory magazines. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, or I purchased the wrong magazine.

These feeding issues are often a result of the spring malfunctioning.

After reading all the reviews of the Taurus G2C extended magazines listed above, I didn’t come across many complaints about improper feeding, except when steel casings were used instead of brass casings for the bullets.

You also shouldn’t overlook the legal factors. Many states have enacted restrictions or outright bans on high-count magazines.

The term “large-capacity” refers to magazines that carry more than ten rounds, according to the gun control lobbyist website These restrictions impact the legality of extended magazines, so read up before taking the plunge into extended magazines.

The following states have laws restricting large-capacity magazines:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • Washington DC

You can visit to learn more about each state’s gun laws regarding high-capacity magazines.

Price Ranges vs. Features

The prices for Taurus extended magazines remain relatively consistent. You should expect to pay between $25 and $100, with the main factor that determines price being capacity. A majority of the mags will be below $50.

How We Selected Our Recommendations

We would love to get our hands on every product to review it. However, this isn’t financially possible. Instead, we depend on our personal experience, spending hours reading online reviews and speaking with other experts so we can recommend the best of the best to you.

The Best Taurus G2C Extended Magazine for you will be determined by what you intend to use it for. If you want a large capacity conceal carry magazine, choosing a 15 or 17 round mag will be the best option.

If you want a high-capacity mag for target shooting, then a 32 or 50 round magazine is what you will want. Remember, the higher the capacity, the higher the price and the more potential legal considerations to take into account.


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March 14, 2023 — We have scrutinized this guide, and we’re confident in our current G3C extended mag recommendations. We’ve updated both images and links throughout.

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