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May 2023

If you regularly travel with a firearm, you know the importance of keeping it secured. Not only to protect the gun, scope, and people inside the vehicle but also to obey local laws.

Thankfully, many products can help to meet these requirements. However, some products are significantly better than others — and some designs simply don’t do a proper job of securing your gun in the first place.

That’s why I broke out my guitar and penned this little tune about quality truck gun racks. There’s a load of racks out there, but if you know what to look for, finding the right one is a lot easier than mending a broken heart.


Truck Gun Rack Comparison

Below is my list of the best truck gun racks. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

Click on the name to head to the product page, read reviews and check prices or skip ahead to the list of gun racks.

Seat Back
2 Long Guns
Overhead Rack
2 Long Guns
Seat Back
1 Long Gun
Seat Back
2 Long Guns
Overhead Rack
2 Long Guns
Vertical Rack
2 Long Guns
Seat Back
3 Long Guns
Truck Bed Rack
1 Long Gun
Rear Window Rack
3 Long Guns

Why listen to us?

I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I own quite few guns.

On any given day, I’ve got to transport a number of rifles to the range for testing, which means either tossing them into a case or just popping them into the rack on the back of my SxS, which is a lot quicker and easier. I also have to scout for coyotes in my back 40 from time to time, which requires me to have a rifle at the ready — and having it locked away in a case means a yote can easily make a getaway before I even have a bad on it.

I have hauled guns on floorboards, backseats, and truck beds across state lines for hunting trips on multiple occasions. I was even stopped outside of my home state by police (for a faulty tail light) with the backseat full of shotguns during a waterfowl hunting trip. That was an experience I’ll never forget!

Driving for several thousand miles with an unloaded firearm bouncing in the back seat has made me understand the logic behind installing a quality gun rack in my truck, so the list below — while not exhausting — should give you a sense for what to look for when you’re ready to improve the look of your rear window with a .30-06.

Truck Gun Rack Reviews

1. Best Overall: Otomitake 36″ Truck Gun Rack


    Otomitake manufactures several different models of truck gun racks. They focus primarily on tactical gear, but their products can transfer over to hunting and other shooting sports.

    The 36” soft lockable rifle case hangs from the back of the front seats and will carry most rifles and long guns. The downside of the gun case is the length limit. I love this truck gun rack because it’s multipurpose– not only is it a gun rack, it also doubles as a case for the range. The case holds two rifles or long guns and has convenient storage compartments that will accommodate several magazines and a cleaning kit.

    The Otomitake gun case has straps to keep your guns secured, and you can lock the zippers to meet some state firearm transportation requirements. Plus this model is dripping in MOLLE all your pouches and accessories,

    If you’re looking for an excellent gun case for your ARs, this will be your best option.

    2. Best Overhead Gun Rack: Great Day Overhead 2-Gun Rack


      Great Day Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of outdoor-focused products for ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, and trucks. They make several different models of gun racks, and their 2-gun overhead rack is great because it uses what they call “Opposing Forces” installation to keep it in place — which avoids the troublesome holes screws and bolts bring to the party.

      I like the two-gun overhead rack because of the easy install. In addition to avoiding drilling any holes in the roof of your vehicle, it’s adjustable to fit different ceiling widths. The Velcro straps and the cushions keep your firearms from moving and won’t scratch them if you encounter rough roads.

      It keeps your guns out of the way; for the most part, there are some complaints that if you’re tall you may knock your head against it. Be sure to check the curve of your ceiling will allow for your gun to fit in the rack because it will not fit all roofs.

      If you’re under 5’9” and want a high-quality overhead metal gun rack, look no further than the Great Day 2 gun overhead rack.

      3. Best Tactical Truck Gun Rack: Hemsk Days Car Seat Rack


        Hemsk Days manufactures home and auto products that help you become more organized, and their back seat organizer has a lot to offer the organisationally-minded rifle owner.

        Crafted from Aluminium alloy, the Hemsk Days back seat organizer is a bit like a giant MOLLE board that will hold your gun and several other firearm accessories. The MOLLE storage system gives you the freedom to choose how you want to organize your weapons or hunting gear. You can easily carry two rifles or a rifle and a pistol with this product.

        Since it is metal, you run the risk of scratching your guns, and free-hanging items hung with the D-Ring lock may bump or clang as you drive — the reviews, however, are overwhelmingly positive.

        If you’re a fan of the MOLLE system and want a sturdy organizer for the back of your seat, you will love this gun rack.

        4. Best Multipurpose Truck Gun Rack: Mud River Organizer


          Mud River “designs products with the hunter in mind.” They offer dog products such as kennel covers, seat covers, and have partnered with Ducks Unlimited on some of their seat organizers.

          In my opinion, their Truck Seat Organizer is the best multipurpose truck gun rack because it can be used as a field gun case and helps to keep your truck/shooting gear organized. You can quickly attach it to the back of your seats, and it will hold two firearms in the padded bottom pockets — which means your guns will be secured and protected.

          The four top pockets use Velcro to secure the top flaps and create an absurd amount of storage for tools, hunting gear, or whatever you want to haul with your rifles.

          It does reduce the available back seat legroom, and the detachable gun case doesn’t have a carry handle. You also cannot lock the zippers, so it won’t be legal in all states.

          Mud River’s really targeting hunters with this truck seat organizer, and with a couple of minor improvements (such as a carry handle and possibly smaller footprint), this would be an excellent option for any pickup truck.

          5. Also Great: Big Sky 2 Gun Overhead Rack


            Big Sky Racks Inc. is a US-based company that manufactures firearm racks.

            Their two gun overhead rack is well-built using heavy-duty metal, dense foam, and straps. It keeps your firearms secure and given that it’s an overhead gun rack — less visible and out of the way.

            That said, I’m not a fan of the installation process. I prefer not to drill holes in my vehicle; however, this is an excellent alternative to more expensive models if altering the roof or sidewall of your car or pickup truck doesn’t bother you. Though the guns are strapped and secured, there is no way to lock them in place to make them legal for states which require that in a gun mount.

            This is a good choice for anyone who isn’t opposed to drilling holes in their roof and is looking for an overhead gun rack.

            6. Best Vertical Rack: Great Day Quick Draw


              Great Day; the US-based manufacturer made this list again with their vertical double gun rack.

              The aircraft-grade aluminum vertical gun mount is adjustable and keeps the legroom open for two of the three passengers in the backseat. Velcro securely fastens your firearms into place and the black powder-coated enamel will keep it looking good for years while preventing scratches from finding a home as you travel.

              The only vertical gun rack to make the list requires you to drill holes in your floor. While this isn’t as bad as drilling holes in your roof, I’m still not keen on the idea. If your vehicle’s floor is not flat, meaning it has a hump for the transmission or console, then you will need to purchase a separate mounting plate to secure it.

              If you tend not to have many passengers and want relatively quick access to your weapons, the Great Day Quick-Draw vertical gun rack is worth checking out.

              7. Budget Pick: Tulick Truck Gun Rack


                Tulick offers inexpensive vehicle organizer storage solutions, including back seat gun racks.

                The Tulick truck gun rack is the least expensive item on our list, but still provides decent capacity with up to three firearms in the slings. You can quickly attach and detach in the vehicle, and it folds up compact enough to fit in your glove box when you don’t need it.

                This is not the most secure or durable way to transport your rifles, but it is much better than throwing them in the bed of your truck or having your passengers stepping all over them. If your guns are too long, mounting them to the back of your seat may prevent the door from closing.

                This product is ideal for those who are on a budget or just want something to work in a pinch. It will fit nearly all guns and pickup trucks, helping to keep your firearms from bouncing around too much.

                8. Best Truck Bed Rack: Kolpin Black Rhino Grip XLR


                  Kolpin is primarily a manufacturer of UTV, ATV, and Offroad rifle mounting accessories.

                  The Black Rhino Grip XLR Mount gets your gun out of the way and into the bed of your truck. You don’t have to worry about your prized firearm sliding around and getting scratched or your scope getting bumped as you make your way to your hunting trip. You can install this rack anywhere you see fit and adjust the mount accordingly.

                  This model pairs a claw-like grip with a rubber retaining strap, which keeps your rifle right where you want it. They’re also great for nontraditionally shaped weapons like bows and crossbows and install with common tools, like a drill or screwdriver.

                  To install this mount you’ll have to drill holes to secure the grips, and they only hold one rifle or long gun at a time, but for the price, you can purchase a set for all your vehicles and rifles and still have enough left over for ammo and a case of Coors. They can also be mounted on your UTV or ATV if you prefer to leave the pickup truck at home.

                  Kolpin Black Rhino grips are a superb option for someone looking for a rifle mount that will work outside the cab.

                  9. Best Window Truck Gun Rack: Allen 3 Gun Locking Rack


                    Allen is known for making inexpensive outdoor equipment. They primarily produce products for the shooting and hunting industries.

                    This rear window truck gun rack offers the ability to lock your weapons to the rack with a steel cable. While this wouldn’t satisfy most states’ requirements for locking up your firearms, even a halfway decent installation will deter individuals from walking off with your guns.

                    You will have to use screws to mount this over your back window. This is the only rack on the list that uses a cable to “lock” your firearms in place; however, it doesn’t keep them from bouncing or sliding while on the rack.

                    If you’re looking to transport up to three guns at a time and the price is top of mind, the Allen 3 gun locking rack will be worth your time checking out.

                    What to Look for in a Quality Truck Gun Rack

                    The best truck gun rack will fully secure your prized possessions — they are easy to install and coated with protective material to prevent steel or metal models from damaging your vehicle or guns. I don’t want to drill holes in my truck’s roof or door no matter how well the gun rack is crafted. However, a few racks made this list that will require you to drill holes in your vehicle for the installation of bolts or screws.

                    Quality gun racks can be constructed of several different materials, but the most common are metal, plastic, or a tough fabric like polyester for door or seat racks. The best will have a cushion or rubber protection on any metal surfaces to protect against scratching your firearm and help hold it in place, and possibly straps for added security and convenient pockets or spaces for accessories once installed.

                    Quality truck gun racks are available in multiple price ranges, often within a single style, so no matter what kind of rack you envision sticking in your pickup truck, you’ll find a few options you will want to install.

                    Which one is right for you?

                    Many truck gun racks will work just as well on UTVs and off-road vehicles.
                    Many truck gun racks will work just as well on UTVs and off-road vehicles.

                    The type of vehicle gun rack you decide to buy will ultimately depend on where you prefer your firearms to be located within your vehicle. Each of these racks install in distinct locations, some offer storage that’s behind the driver which can prevent access, while others may take up rear window space, and still others can be installed with few or no tools.

                    Read through these descriptions to better understand what installing one of these racks will ultimately entail.

                    Floor Mounted

                    While versatile, a floor-mounted rack very well may require you to drill holes in your vehicle’s floor. A floor-mounted gun rack will store two to three firearms, with each stock resting on a metal floorboard and strapped to a vertical metal post. One of the reasons people enjoy these mounts is that they allow for quick and easy access while keeping the guns secure.

                    In my opinion, the main problem with a floor-mounted truck gun rack is how it inconveniences back seat passengers once installed. You will be limited to two passengers, or the middle rider will be awkwardly straddling your carefully mounted shotguns for the entirety of the trip.

                    An example of a floor-mounted truck gun rack is the Great Day Quick-Draw Vertical Double Gun Rack.

                    Overhead Gun Racks

                    Overhead gun racks keep rifles off the floorboards and out of the seats, but can be a pain for taller riders.
                    Overhead gun racks keep rifles off the floorboards and out of the seats, but can be a pain for taller riders.

                    Initially the style I thought I would want, an overhead gun rack securely holds your firearms out of the way by strapping them to the roof of your vehicle. The best overhead gun racks are sturdy metal paired with a foam cushion to protect your guns where they contact the steel mount.

                    They should fit most SUVs and pickup trucks, giving you versatile security options in multiple types of vehicles.

                    The downside of an overhead gun rack is the potential need to drill holes in the roof of your vehicle to install some brands. The last time I checked, having holes in your pickup roof defeats the purpose. You can use a rubber o-ring or a silicone gasket to keep the water out once installed, but they will eventually need to be replaced.

                    An overhead gun rack will look like the Great Day Overhead 2 Gun Rack. This style of overhead gun rack uses force to lodge the rack in place, rather than screws for installation. Obviously mounting an overhead gun rack with no permanent holder may bring visions of getting one’s nose smashed by a falling shotgun stock, but they’re an easy way to install an overhead rack in a pickup with no permanent scratches or holes.

                    Back Seat Gun Racks

                    Back seat racks are great for all kinds of awkward prodcuts -- like long guns, tripods, and even an umbrella.
                    Back seat racks are great for all kinds of awkward prodcuts -- like long guns, tripods, and even an umbrella.

                    To my surprise, I ended up liking the back seat gun rack the most. I believe my guns are best secured and protected with this style of “rack.” This style has many designs, but the connecting concept is that the rifle mount hangs off the headrests behind the front seats. They can also be installed with few or no tools, and mounting one often does not entail altering or drilling holes in your vehicle.

                    The biggest con to this style is reducing the amount of headspace available to the backseat passengers. This can be as little as a couple of inches or up to four inches depending on whether you are transporting rifles or shotguns and the style of the rack itself.

                    Some rear seat gun racks double as a carrying case, such as the Otomitake Soft Lockable Rifle Case, which essentially straps a soft carrying case behind the seat of your pickup or other vehicles. Simple, secure storage that’s easy to install and remove as you see fit, pockets for accessories, and even a pistol or two in the case itself along with any long guns.

                    Rear Window Gun Racks

                    When I think of a truck gun rack, a rear window rack initially comes to mind, maybe due to seeing them in movies as a kid. This style is typically two posts with hooks that serve as a mount for the guns to rest on — often constructed of plastic, wood, or metal with a few screws to keep it in place.

                    These will often include a steel retention cable that adds a degree of security by enabling you to loop the cable through a rifle’s trigger guard, preventing a simple smash and grab out the rear window of your pickup.

                    Rear window gun racks do an excellent job of keeping your guns out of the way — both for your passengers and simply preventing your guns from infringing on the cab or seat space of your pickup. Mounting one is incredibly easy, and they also provide convenient access to your rifle or shotgun. No pistols in these racks for obvious reasons.

                    However, the downfall of these gun racks is that firearms are in no way concealed. They’re also not fully secured and are basically on display for everyone to see. Rear window gun racks also obstruct your view out the back window of any pickup truck, which is dangerous while driving. They also don’t typically provide any storage options, as those would further impinge on rear window visibility.

                    The Allen Locking 3 Gun Rack For Trucks is a good example of an inexpensive rear window truck gun rack. You have a straightforward mount, steel retention cable, & a rubber coating to prevent scratches.

                    Truck Bed Gun Racks

                    If hauling your firearms inside the cab of your pickup isn’t an option, don’t despair. Truck bed gun racks are another versatile option. If you have a bed cover or camper shell, a simple rifle mount design might be best, as your rifles and shotguns will be both secure and concealed. Plus these leave room for additional storage as you’re not limited to the roof or rear seat of your truck.

                    A truck bed gun rack will also keep your guns away from your passengers, and you don’t have to drill holes in the cab of your pickup while on the way to your next hunting excursion.

                    Although, you will need to drill holes in the bed of your truck and ensure nothing is going to slide around and hit your rifles while you’re driving.

                    The Kolpin Black Rhino Grip XLR makes our list for truck bed gun racks. A simple clamp-like rifle mount, these can be installed with a few tools in most trucks to hold rifles and shotguns securely and out of the way.

                    What you want in a truck gun rack

                    Some features of truck gun racks are more important than others. As you read the manufacturer descriptions, you will see that brands emphasize certain features; but which ones are the most important to you?

                    Adjustment Options

                    Having the ability to adjust the gun rack to fit your needs exactly is excellent because you can confidently drive, knowing your rifles won’t be flying all over the cab while traveling down the road. Not all rifles are the same dimensions, so a little adjustability will go a long way.

                    Mounting Styles

                    The mounting style of your truck gun rack is critical because most gun racks mount in a single fashion — you can’t change the way it is mounted in your vehicle once installed. Before purchasing a truck gun rack, think of the scenarios you will encounter and consider how you would prefer the rack mount in your vehicle given how you use the truck. Alternatively, start with a gun rack that won’t require you to alter the interior of your pickup. If you hate it or need something different you can always try other options.

                    Light Weight

                    Does weight matter? It’s not like you’ll be carrying it everywhere. Yes, I believe weight is essential. Your guns are heavy and will be placing weight on the interior of your vehicle that wasn’t designed to carry weight in that manner. Also, given that you’ll be transporting firearms in these racks, the weight of those guns in a moving pickup truck — which accelerates, stops and takes corners — that weight will need to be as secure as possible to prevent stripping out screws or damaging the mount.

                    Look for a truck gun rack that is as light as possible.

                    Quality Materials

                    We don’t want you to waste your money because we know you work hard to earn it every single week, just like us. So don’t let price dictate your final option if it requires you to skimp on the materials used to construct your new gun rack, especially if you’re on a tight budget. A model that uses metal is preferred where possible, but for soft racks like back seat racks, look for woven canvas materials that will hold up over time.

                    An Appropriate Size

                    No matter what they say, whoever they are, size matters. That is the size of your truck gun rack, that is. You don’t want your weapons and associated rack taking up so much overhead or seat space that you can’t have your shooting buddies tag along for a ride. You also want to make sure the rack is large enough to hold your rifle securely, especially of headed offroad for a hunting trip.


                    This ties in perfectly with size because if your gun doesn’t fit securely into your gun rack, then you just wasted your money. A secure fit means your weapon is strapped in and won’t move, or it has some kind of rubber or foam holder that creates resistance when placing rifles into the rack.


                    For your and mine sake, I’m not going to cover every states’ legalities in this article. We’re not lawyers, nor do we have the time to keep up with the ever-changing gun laws of all 50 states. When in doubt, better call Saul, or at least consult someone who knows about gun laws & vehicles.

                    All of these truck gun racks are legal in an open carry state, as long as you can legally carry a firearm. However, that might change depending on the city.

                    You will need to unload the firearm in several states, which often includes the magazine, and lock it in the trunk so it is inaccessible to any vehicle passenger. The ammo will need to be transported in a separate storage container from the weapon. A good rule of thumb is to store it more than an arm’s length away, which most trucks can accommodate.

                    With that said, always check your local laws and regulations regarding transporting firearms. If you plan to cross state lines, know that state’s gun laws as well; otherwise, you could end up in serious legal trouble.

                    Why Use a Truck Gun Rack?

                    When traveling with a rifle, shotgun, or any gun in trucks or other vehicles, it is essential to keep it secure. A quality gun case will protect your firearm better than traveling without a case. However, you still run the risk of the rifle sliding around and becoming a hazard if you get into an accident.

                    That’s where a truck gun rack will help. A quality rifle mount will keep your weapon in a central location no matter the road conditions. When you head to the range or go hunting, keeping your rifle stable for the duration of your trip will ensure it’s still sighted in when you arrive at your destination. Selecting a gun holder coated with protective material will ensure your firearm doesn’t pick up a new scratch or get dinged up whenever you travel with it.

                    Truck gun racks keep your firearms out of the way, which means those valuable firearms won’t get scratched or damaged by other objects that might be in your cab or truck bed.

                    Price Ranges vs. Features

                    The price range for truck gun racks is incredible. You can spend as little as $15 for a cheap plastic rifle holder that won’t necessarily secure your guns properly, or you can spend as much as $200 for a well-constructed metal overhead mount that straps your firearms in place.

                    Thankfully, there are quality racks that are mid-range priced. Be prepared to spend $50-$100 for a gun rack that will have all the features to meet most of your needs.

                    How We Selected Our Recommendations

                    As much as we would love to install all of these gun racks in our own vehicles and put them to the test, it’s not monetarily feasible all of the time. To overcome this setback, we lean on personal experiences traveling with a firearm, online reviews of each product, and speaking with other experts to ensure we recommend the best possible truck gun rack on the market.

                    As much as we would love to test out every rack on the list, that simply isn’t feasible monetarily or time-wise. Therefore, we must lean on online reviews and discussion with experts and the personal experience with the products. By considering all these factors, we can give you our best advice on truck gun racks.

                    There are times when certain products or categories are a real challenge — be it availability, cost, or simply a lack of resources — we can get stymied going hands-on with all the potential candidates. Rather than present a never-ending list of all the truck gun racks on the planet, we selected those which we felt best represent the price points laid out above — giving you a solid representational list to serve as a jumping-off point for your own research (you are going to do you own research, right?)

                    To avoid disappointment or steering you in the wrong direction, we bolster our own experience with conversations with experts, comb through reviews on retailer sites & sales data, review industry publications, other blogs, and otherwise surface the best information available.

                    We aim for all thriller, no filler, as they say.



                    May 15, 2023 — After reassessing the information in this guide, we continue to stand by our trick gun rack picks as they really cover all the bases. We’ve updated images and links where appropriate.

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