Foundation: Shadow Systems Makes a More Affordable Elite Series

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Jan 2023

Shadow Systems of Plano, Texas has been beating the drum of better Glock clones since 2016 with their (now discontinued) MR918 series and its follow-on DR/MR920s in Combat and Elite formats, the latter of which had all the Gucci high-speed features like compensators, gold barrels, and window-cut slides.

The thing is that their Elite series runs well above $1K which is twice what a stock Glock costs.

Well, Shadow Systems has split the difference in the pricing by introducing what they are calling the Foundation series of G17, G19, and G45-sized pistols. Standard features include optics-ready slides with suppressor-height steel sights, modular grips, a match-grade barrel, undercut trigger guards and intricate machining on the slide.

The cost is $672, which, when all things are considered, isn’t bad.

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