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Jan 2023

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What is Shotgun Fit & How Important Is it?

The 5 Shotgun Types

What is the CMP?

5 Simple Rules for Selecting Your First Shotgun

ARs, Aluminum & Anodizing: Three Bound Mice

3 Things to Do Before You Take That Used AR Home

AR Barrels Explained: From Basics to Bores to Ballistics

The Major Gun Types: A (Long) Primer

AR Gas Systems Explained: Pistons, Ports, & DI Glory

Bullet Sizes, Types, & Calibers

A Guide to Trigger Discipline

How to Build an AR-15

Gun Cleaning 101

Historic Evolution of Guns and Safety

Hunting Season Firearms You Should Own

Who invented the first gun? A brief history of firearms.

Gun Wound Ballistics Data

FBI Handgun Wounding Factors

Firearm Statistics

A Firearms Glossary

Firearm Training Resources

Firearm Safety Tips

Children & Gun Safety

What is a gun & how do they work?

Weapons and Firearms of the American Revolution

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