Masada slim

Masada Slims up for Summer

Michael Crites


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IWI US has announced their popular series of Masada 9mm pistols and will soon have a thinner brother join the lineup sometime later this year.

Dubbed the Masada Slim, it has everything the normal Masada has– modular steel fire control unit with a striker-fired action, polymer grip frame, white front dot sight paired with a blacked-out rear, a slide cut for micro red dots, and a flat-faced trigger.

Unlike the standard Masada, the Slim is a more compact pistol, running a 3.4-inch barrel and using a 13-round magazine, both a reduction from the full-sized model which carries a 4.1-inch pipe and 17+1 shot mag. Also, the shorter frame means no accessory rail for lights or lasers.

No pricing is available, but Masada says it will be released in the U.S. in late Q2/early Q3 2022, which means mid-2023, or early 2024, tops.

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