New From Glock for 2024: Gen 5 G29/G30, G17L Coming Back, and More

Pre SHOT Show Glock goodies: 5th Gen Baby Glocks in 10mm/.45 ACP, G17L 9mm return, new triggers, G48/G43X MOS success, and an updated G44 .22LR.

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Dec 2023

Glock last week invited a bunch of industry types to tour the factory in Georgia and lots of stuff is leaking out. James Reeves has apparently been allowed to speak to some of it, which he has done via Reddit and other outlets.

The news includes confirmation that the subcompact 10mm and .45 ACP “Baby Glocks,” the G29 and G30, will be headed to market early next year in a 5th Generation format, possibly optics-ready– especially on the 10mm as Glock has been selling a lot of 10mm guns lately.

Seems like everyone is a fan of the centimeter all of a sudden. Speaking of which, the new Garand Thumb video on 10mm lethality that dropped last week is sure to make a few thousand new converts.

The Glock 30 & 29 product details
The Glock 30 & 29 product details

Reeves also mentioned the vaunted long slide G17L 9mm competition pistol will be returning in a small run. As the last ones made were 3rd Generation guns, it is unclear if they will also get a generational upgrade.

You could see Glock keeping it a 3rd gen, as there are so many aftermarket parts and accessory makers that live in that space, but a new Gen 5 would be nice and would sell out fast.

Glock slimline performance triggers are also possibly on the menu. It seems Glock has finally figured out that the industry in aftermarket Glock-compatible triggers is raking in the cash, so they might as well get on the train. We’d like to see them included as a factory-installed option.

Glock has been quietly selling G48 MOS and G43X MOS pistol sets with a Shield RMSc directly mounted onto the slide from the factory along with some accessories. The news is these are selling well, and you can expect more pairings in 2024.

G43X & G48 MOS pistol sets with RMSC
G43X & G48 MOS pistol sets with RMSC

A word from other sources is that a tweaked G44 threaded barreled .22LR is inbound as well, which is how the gun should have been released in the first place.

Of course, all of this will be added to the already mentioned Glock 49 (aka the G19L) which is already starting to pop up at retailers, as is the Gen 5 Glock 26 MOS.

We shall see what 2024 brings and will have the full details from SHOT Show next month.

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