New From Staccato: An Officer-Sized 2011

Texas-based Staccato has announced the new CS pistol, a 16+1 capacity 9mm single-action 2011-style pistol, that trims their "carry" sized 2011 Commander down from a 3.9-inch barrel to a more Officer-sized 3.5-inch.
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Staccato CS a

Texas-based Staccato just announced the new CS pistol, a 16+1 capacity 9mm single-action 2011-style pistol. While they already have a similar “carry” sized 16+1 round 2011 on the market– the Staccato C2– that pistol runs a more Commander Sized 3.9-inch bull barrel, which sets up the CS to be a more compact gun as it has a shorter 3.5-inch barrel.

Further, the CS is optics-ready and comes standard with a fiber-optic front sight and Dawson Precision rear sight. Weight, due to an aluminum frame, is just over 22 ounces.

Also, it looks as if Staccato has made an effort to keep the gun slim, with its diameter across the grip running just 1.2 inches. Folks really dig 2011s these days, and something like this is sure to have built-in fan boys, even if you could buy four P365s for the price of one of these.

Staccato CS
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