New Sig Sauer P320-XFive DH3

Sig tapped Daniel Horner for a competition-ready AR-- the M400-DH3, with "DH3" denoting a Daniel Horner 3-Gun edition. Now, they have released a companion pistol, the new P320-XFive DH3.
Michael Crites


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Daniel Horner is– without being smug about it– probably the best multi-gun champion in the world. Since leaving the Army Marksmanship Unit a few years ago, he had been Sig Sauer’s resident champion, cleaning clocks across the globe and leaving everyone else in his events fighting for second place.

Sig has already tapped Horner to develop a competition-ready AR– the M400-DH3, with the “DH3” part denoting it was a Daniel Horner 3-Gun edition. 

Now, they have released a companion pistol, the new P320-XFive DH3.

It comes with all the cool guy high-speed stuff you would expect including a TXG tungsten-infused heavy grip module with a flared mag well, a flat-faced skeletonized trigger, an optics-ready slide with lightening cuts for a faster lock-up, and suppressor-height sights that co-witness with most red dots. And yes, 21-round mags.

Will it make you a world champ? Probably not, but it will probably help make you one of the most low drag guys at your local 3-gun shoot, with enough lead equity invested.

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