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Jan 2023

For the past few years, Smith & Wesson has been debuting these almost comically large “X-frame” revolvers chambered in massive calibers that make .357 and .44 Magnums look like popguns. These guns include the Model 460 (so named as it is in .460 S&W Mag) and the Model 500 (.500 S&W Mag).

Well, the company has added a third branch to that tree with the new Model 350, chambered for Winchester’s new .350 Legend rifle cartridge. Designed to harvest deer out to 250 yards using a huge (up to 280 grain) bullet, the “straight-wall-cartridge-compliant”. 350 LGND is a serious slug with an overall length of some 2.25 inches, compared to the .44 Mag’s downright stumpy 1.61 inches.

Now the S&W Model 350 is a hand cannon, weighing over four pounds (71.5 ounces, but who’s counting?) and has a 7.5-inch barrel.

The seven-shooter tamps down on recoil via rubber grips and a ported barrel, but you can still be sure it is a thumper on the hand. Still, you know some guys will buy one, even if they run $1,599.

SW350 3
SW350 3

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