Firearm News Briefs

We summarize the important developments in the world of firearms in our weekly News Briefs. No filler, all news.

CZ varmint

New CZ 457 VPT MTR

CZ-USA is bringing a new precision rifle shooting rimfire trainer, dubbed the CZ 457 VPT MTR, to this side of the Atlantic where PRS shooting is booming.

tisas Tank Commander 1911

Tisas announces new Tank Commander 1911

Tweaking the concept of importing Turkish Commander-sized M1911A1 variants a bit, SDS Imports is now shipping an updated version of the Tanker that is both more retro and more modern at the same time.

NSSF Figures

Shotgun & Ammo Imports Way Down

Comparing the most recent NSSF figures– those from April 2022– with the same month in 2021, a few interesting things emerge about the industry.

The SUB2000 is as compact a rifle you can get without going bullpup

Florida School Cops Now Wearing KelTecs

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, publicly announced his school resource officers will be more “tactical” in both uniform and equipment this upcoming school year to include carrying Kel-Tec SUB2000 carbines with them.


New from SIG Sauer: P365 X Macro

Sig Sauer on Thursday confirmed persistent internet rumors about a cool new version of the P365 dubbed the X Macro with 17+1 capacity change, putting it on par with the Glock 17 but coming in a lot smaller.

NICS Numbers

Gun sales drop to…new normal

For the past 36 months something has happened that has never occurred before in U.S. gun history: every single month has seen over 1 million guns sold.


EAA goes Detective, err, we mean PI

EAA has answered the call for gun nerds and late last week announced a new model of their MC P35, the "PI" as in Magnum, P.I. A Commander-ized Hi-Power ala the Argentine-made FM Detective.


CMC & K-USA Bring the World an AK trigger pack

One of the most universally derided things about the AK platform is the trigger, so CMC Triggers has been flirting with Kalashnikov USA to produce a drop-in trigger pack for AKs.

DS9 Open Comp MPA

New MPA DS9 Open Pistol

Georgia’s Masterpiece Arms newest Gucci pistol is the DS9 Open Competition Pistol, a 9mm race gun intended for use in USPSA and IPSC Open Division matches.

SiCo Osprey 2

SiCo Drops the Osprey Lever, Adds a Button

SiCo has dropped the, uh, iffy, lever cam system on its Osprey line of handgun and PCC suppressors in favor of a new, more reliable button interface to index the can to the host platform.

Maxim-Defense-MD9 (1)

More on the Maxim MD9

As the pistol caliber carbine gives you added stability to hit your mid-range targets more accurately and consistently, Maxim recognized this demand in the industry and answered with their first handgun-caliber firearm, the MD9.


S&W Swims with the Gray Shark Spec Kit

A nice new offering from Smith & Wesson is the new 9mm M&P® M2.0 Compact Optics-Ready Spec Series Pistol Kit. Beyond a heap of cool features, it also has a Bull Shark Gray Cerakote finish on the slide with a matching grip frame.


Assault Weapon Ban!

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1808, a rebooted federal "Assault Weapon Ban." The bill barely made it through in a 217-213 vote with some defections on each side.

KelTec P15 pistol variant

KelTec expanding to Wyoming

KelTec last week announced they are setting up a 33,000 sq. ft. satellite industrial space in Rock Springs, Wyoming which will allow them to increase production and work on some of their historic backlogs.


Century bringing in Licensed HK91s, HK93s

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical fame let the cat out of the bag last week by posting images of semi-auto G3 and HK33K rifles from Turkey's MKE that are apparently inbound to the U.S.

Rock Island C96 Solo gun

Solo Blasts Comic Con

RIAC appeared last week at San Diego’s Comic-Con International to promote the upcoming auction of the “BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol” — Han Solo’s blaster from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

MALC Dicken

The Dicken Drill Emerges

No, it's not a new line of power tools available at your local big box home improvement store, the Dicken Drill is now the most popular handgun drill in the country.


New Nighthawk Turnbull VIP

To paraphrase Ali, grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand, and Nighthawk Custom makes really nice 1911s; the latest is a collab with Turnbull Restoration dubbed, logically, the Turnbull VIP.

Tandemkross accelerator TX22

New Tandemkross Accelerator

The Accelerator from Tandemkross promises a universal thumb ledge to help with accuracy, especially in rapid fire.

SIG Experience Center

Sig Opens ‘Experience Center’

Sig Sauer went big last week and opened what they call the "Sig Experience Center" in New Hampshire on the grounds of the Sig Academy training campus.

Anderson upper

The Poverty Pony runs away with the AMFER race

Anderson Manufacturing, whose racehorse logo adorns the sides of their components and firearms, produced an amazing 439,559 “miscellaneous firearms” in 2020, more than anyone else in that category.

NSSF Gun Sale Data

NICS Numbers Fall, But Also Rise

NICS ticked past the 2.5 million mark for last month, down a little from June 2021 (3 million) and a lot from June 2020 (3.9 million), but NSSF's analysis shows sales up 8% Y/Y.

Federal 30 Super Carry

SAAMI Accepts .30 Super Carry

SAAMI just standardized the .30SC with a 100-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 1,250 fps, a 115-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 1,150 fps, and a Maximum Average Pressure of 52,000 psi.


Q issues a Recall

Q issued a recall on the handful of Fix rifles and Mini-Fix pistols due to problems with the bolt assembly.

Tisas D10 1911

Tisas Goes 10mm in the new D10 1911

Tisas USA is now sending a 10mm-chambered 1911 to the American market. Branded the D10, it is generally a GI-style 1911 but with a list of semi-custom features

Bird Flu putting crimp in Canadian bring-homes image via SCI

Bird Flu putting a crimp in Canadian bring-homes

The U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has posted that American hunters cannot bring home game birds harvested while hunting in any one of at least 63 hot zones in Canada.

Mauser Savannah M18

New Mauser Savannah M18

Besides the standard black stock, Mauser now offers the M18 in a Savanna tan stock with black grip inserts for $850.

Century Draco 9S

New Century Draco 9S

While Century had marketed a 9mm blowback pistol caliber Draco as the NAK9, it used a Glock mag. Now, they have the Draco 9S, which runs CZ Scorpion EVO 3 mags.

Best Concealed Carry_Glock 380

NYSRPA v Bruen in a nutshell

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen to strike down New York’s so-called “may issue” concealed carry permitting scheme is kind of a big deal.

Gun Laws by State-Flag_of_Delaware

Delaware moves for the Big Ban

The First State is a governor’s signature away from joining the same club as California, New Jersey, and New York by enacting a statewide ban on “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines.”

Dan Wesson ECP

Dan Wesson Continues with 1911 Game

Now a year down the road from CZ's acquisition of Colt, CZ subsidiary Dan Wesson keeps wading deeper into traditional Colt waters with two new 1911s.

CMMG Dissent a

CMMG Dissent Buffer-less AR

Missouri's CMMG announced a new AR pistol format that drops the need for a receiver extension or buffer tube. Dubbed the Dissent line, it will be available in 5.56, .300BLK, and 5.7x28mm.

223 Wylde vs 5.56 NATO Cartridge Comparison

Big 5.56 Ammo Supply Crunch (Maybe)

Rumors dropped recently from Larry Keane, one of the big bosses over at NSSF, that the White House was aiming to put the crimp on the practice of selling surplus U.S. Army 5.56 ammo on the commercial market.

PSA Jackal

More on the PSA JAKL

Palmetto State Armory has been busy doing R&D on their new and very curious JAKL series of 5.56 AK/AR hybrids. We caught up with them at the NRA Show in Houston and found the platform to be novel.

FN Five Seven MRD Mk3 (1)

FN Makes the Five-Seven Optics-Ready

Because optics are everything these days, FN has finally introduced a version of their Five-Seven pistol that is MRD compatible, unimaginatively dubbed the FN Five-Seven MRD.

Korth nxr-hunter (2)

New Nighthawk Customs Korth NXR Hunter

Arkansas-based Nighthawk Customs, besides making bespoke 1911s of their own, imports a lot of exotic hardware from Europe. They just announced they are bringing in a shipment of Korth’s new NXR Hunter models in .44 Mag.


Gun Sales Still Booming

The latest NICS figures from the FBI say that last month a stout 2.3 million background checks were performed by the platform.

Craighead cov

New ZevTech Craighead OZ9 Pistol

With figures like Travis Haley and Chris Costa being so 2008, a British commando-type by the name of Christian Craighead is the new tactical demi-god, and has teamed up with Washington’s Zev Tech to make a special edition OZ9 pistol.

FN HiPer

FN Herstal Announces New HiPer pistol

In what looks kind of like a disagreement between FN America and FN Herstal (i.e., Belgian FN), the latter debuted the new 15+1 capacity 9mm FN HiPer last week.

CZ 457

CZ Goes Lefty for 457 Series

CZ-USA this week announced two new models of the CZ 457 bolt-action rimfire rifle oriented to left-hand users. The two new variants are a .22LR LH Varmint with a 20-inch heavy-profile barrel and an LH American model with a 24-inch light-profile barrel in either .22WMR or .22LR.

NRA Show

From the NRAAM 2022 Show Floor

At the recent NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Houston, aka “The NRA Convention/Show” had a lot of new products that were exhibited to the public for the first time. Notably, many of these companies had skipped SHOT Show earlier this year due to COVID concerns.

Ruger 1895 Trapper 3

New Ruger Marlin 1895 Trapper

Ruger rolled out the stainless Model 1895 last year, and this week they will be at the huge NRA Show in Houston, touting the more compact Model 1895 Trapper.

RIA 5.7 million Grant

U.S. Grant’s Wheel Guns Worth $5 Million

Two Remington revolvers– serial numbers 1 and 2– presented to Ulysses S. Grant went to auction last week. The estimated value was $1-$3 million, but bidding soon went off the charts, hitting $5.17 million.


Beretta has a New Optics-Ready Full-Sized APX

The newly announced APX FS (Full Size) A1 9mm isn't terrible as it is optics ready for micro red dots, offers a 17+1 capacity, and a size that splits the difference between the Glock 17 and Glock 19.


California Under 21 Rifle Ban Struck Down

A 2-1 panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said California’s ban on most adults aged 18-to-20 being able to buy semi-auto rifles didn’t jive with the Second Amendment.

P229 PRO

New Sig P229 PRO

Sig recently updated the P229 to make it optics-ready with a lightened PRO-style slide and flush-fit 15+1 round mags, an update from the old 13-rounders that go back to the unsung P228.


New Sig Cross PRS

The rebooted Bushmaster Firearms keeps introducing everything except what the people really want– a return of the ACR modular rifle, the newest entry being their Bravo Zulu rifle.


Bushmaster Rolls Legend

The rebooted Bushmaster Firearms keeps introducing everything except what the people really want– a return of the ACR modular rifle, the newest entry being their Bravo Zulu rifle.

Masada slim

Masada Slims up for Summer

IWI US has announced their popular series of Masada 9mm pistols and will soon have a thinner brother join the lineup sometime later this year, dubbed the Masada Slim.

Freedom Days

Sig Freedom Days: A SHOT Show for the People?

Sig Sauer just wrapped up their “Freedom Days” show in Phoenix, Arizona at the Ben Avery Shooting Center. The concept is simple: Sig brought 50 different models of their guns, charged $80 for a day pass, and everyone got a chance to run 5-10 rounds through

Ruger PC Carbine Magpul Backpacker Gray stowed

Ruger Adds Magpul to the PC Carbine Mix

Ruger just released three different variants of the PC Carbine complete with a Magpul Backpacker stock, with options in “Stealth Gray,” Olive Drab, and Flat Dark Earth.

Army night vision

Army drops a Billion for Sci-fi sights

The Army last week announced two contracts, each for roughly $500 million, to FLIR and Leonardo for delivery of what is termed the Family of Weapons Sights-Individual.

P320 30 round

Sig Has a 30-round P320 Stick

Sig introduced the Foxtrot, a compact weapon-mounted light for pistol use, a minute ago, and in the face of a ton of continued competition has just launched the Foxtrot 2.

New Sig Foxtrot 2

Sig Sauer Improves Their Foxtrot WML

Sig introduced the Foxtrot, a compact weapon-mounted light for pistol use, a minute ago, and in the face of a ton of continued competition has just launched the Foxtrot 2.


More retro Federal ammo boxes

With Federal’s 100th anniversary hitting a crescendo this week, they have added three rifle and two pistol retro ammo boxes to the festivities.

SAR9 Compact X a

New SAR9 Compact X

In more Turkish polymer pistol news, Florida’s SAR USA– the folks that have been bringing Sarsilmaz pistols across the Atlantic for a generation– has a new compact 9mm with lots of goodies and a (kinda) budget price.

norma 2

Norma sets up operations in Savannah

Norma has shipped over 400 containers of ammunition from RUAG Ammotec factories in Europe to the U.S. and, after seeing the promised land, is setting up shop in Georgia.

HUXWRX FBI can 2(1)

FBI is buying a lot of suppressors

In the past couple of weeks, two big Utah-based suppressor companies– SilencerCo and HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) — have announced seven-figure deals to supply the Feds with cans.

CZ TS2 40

CZ still making .40 S&W competition guns

Many pistol makers have exited the .40 S&W market– Sig hasn't added a new .40-caliber pistol for the past two years– but CZ is showing they are firmly stuck in 2002 with the new TS 2.


B&T’s new SPC9 is an SPC Model for the Masses

Florida-based B&T USA now has a carbine version of the SPC, complete with a 16-inch barrel, which is suited for the American commercial market (i.e., PCC competitors and personal protection).


Federal goes retro on shotshells

Minnesota-based Federal ammo, part of the huge Vista Outdoor empire, is celebrating 100 years in business by packaging its Top Gun 12 gauge shells in one of four different Monark and Hi-Power branded 25-shell boxes.


Magpul has three new 9mm drums

Magpul has added 50 rounder 9mm drums for Glock pistols, MP5 style clones, and PCCs that accept Glock patterns.

B Line notice from Noveske a

Noveske teases a new, possibly more affordable AR line

Coming sometime this summer, Noveske’s “Chainsaw” line will reemerge as their "forged product offering, based on a hybrid of our Gen 1 and Gen 4 designs” which they describe as “The People’s Rifle”.

grants revolvers grips

Grant’s ‘Lost’ Revolvers up for Auction

If you have a cool million or three just lying around and some space in your gun safe, a pair of vintage Civil War-era cap-and-ball revolvers that had vanished for decades is now up for grabs.

Maxim MKIV SD pistol

Maxim’s new MKIV SD

Maxim’s new MKIV SD .22LR is an integrally suppressed Ruger MKIV that they say runs 114 dB with subsonic ammo. This puts the Maxim quiet time special into the “no detectable first round pop” club.


New Sig Sauer ZEV P226

The latest FBI background check figures for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System stand at just over 3 million for March 2022.


Mossberg Debuts 940 Tactical

Mossberg continues to mine gold with their 940 series of autoloading shotguns. While the past installments have been Jerry Miculek series competition guns and a

GForce Lever-action Shotgun vid

GForce Lever-action Shotguns?

GForce Arms, which specializes in importing a variety of unimaginatively named hunting (GF3N1, GF2N1, GF1W) and defensive (GF12A, GFY) shotguns from Turkey, has something different

8.6 blk barrel

Faxon Firearms joins 8.6 Mafia

Ohio’s Faxon Firearms is now in an open relationship with Q, the folks behind the new– and only just barely out of wildcat range– 8.6

Weatherby Element Shotgun

Weatherby Expands Element Shotgun Line

Weatherby, formerly of California but more recently of Wyoming, is best known for their bolt-action rifles but the company also makes (and imports from Turkey)

Sig P322 American Firearms unique

Sig Re-enters .22LR Pistol Market with P322

Sig Sauer has made some rimfire pistols in the past to include the almost universally-hated Mosquito (made 2005-2014) and a Umarex-made 1911-22 (2011-2014). However, for

Various Suppressors

Congress wades into Solvent Trap Issue

Earlier this month, the ATF rejected 847 pending Form 1s– the paperwork needed to legally “make” a registered NFA item such as a suppressor, SBR,

The best pistol-caliber carbines - Cover

Gun Industry fast-tracking Ukraine items

While the export of small arms and munitions from U.S. manufacturers to overseas customers in friendly countries is common, ITAR and Department of Commerce regulations

CZ Scorpion 3

CZ Chas up the Scorpionnge

CZ-USA has redesigned their Scorpion EVO 3 S2 series pistols to a new standard that logically should be called the Scorpion IV but instead is


Permitless Carry Makes a Big Jump

 When the year started, 21 states including Texas had laws on the books that recognized assorted permitless carry doctrines– the legal right to carry a

RUAG Ammotc Munition Thun AR17 quer

Beretta gobbles RUAG

Swiss-based RUAG International last week agreed on the sale of its Ammotec business unit to the Beretta Holding group. In the deal, Beretta will take

Wilson Combat SFX9 5inch b

New Wilson Combat SFX9

Giving the world a new 1911 that doesn’t really even look like a 1911, Wilson Combat’s new SFX9 runs a lightweight full-size aluminum grip frame–

M&P9 M2.0 4inch FDE

New S&W M&P9 Compacts

Smith & Wesson quietly (as in didn’t even have the courtesy to issue a press release) dropped two new M&P9 Compact models on the public.

P320 Spectre Comp

New! Sig P320 Spectre Comp

Sig Sauer has (wait for it) announced a new model of the P320, the Spectre Comp. As the name would point to, it adds the

Henry 25th Anniversary

Henry’s 25th Anniversary

Henry Repeating Arms started shipping their first new, factory-made guns in March 1997, meaning this month is the company’s 25th anniversary. Of course, the Imperato

Ammo for Ukraine

Ammo Makers Pony Up for Ukraine

On Feb. 28, Ammo Inc., with a factory in Wisconsin, responded to Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s apparent plea for ammunition (“I need ammo, not a ride…”)

SilencerCo Harvester

Texas sues over local Silencers

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the ATF last week trying to halt the agency’s enforcement of federal regulations regarding suppressors made

Gemtech MIST on SW Victory small

New suppressors from Gemtech

Gemtech was one of the leaders in suppressor innovation for decades and is today one of the oldest “silencer” companies still around. However, this is

AoA Polish WBP 5.56 Jack b

AoA intros Polish WBP 5.56 Jack

Wytwornia Broni Jacek Popinski, or WBP, makes great AKs in Rogow, Poland. For the past couple of years, Texas-based Arms of America has been bringing

Critical Mas

Mas on How to Carry

Massad Ayoob, a figure who has been writing about and teaching modern handguns for something like 40 years, recently dished for a quarter-hour as part

CMMG 2022 Lineup Changes

CMMG makes big changes for 2022

CMMG, which has basically just been making various models of the same system over and over– hey, if it works, why fix it, right? —

New Taurus G3XL

New Taurus G3XL Pistol

While Sig Sauer has been busy with the P365 series, Taurus has been right alongside that top-shelf company with the solidly mid-shelf G3C line, which


New Sig P365-380 Pistol

In 2018, Sig Sauer introduced the P365, a micro-compact 9mm– really the first in its class– that delivered a 380-sized carry pistol but with a


New Sig Romeo2 MRD

Sig Sauer has really been pushing out the optics in the past few years, billing their products (looking at you, Bushnell, Vortex, etc.) as being

Brownells 2A Day

Brownells National 2nd Amendment Day

Presented by Brownells on 2-22-2022 in conjunction with a slew of range facilities in seven cities and industry groups is the company’s Inaugural National 2nd

Sandy Hook Sign

On The Sandy Hook Settlement

The basis of the Sandy Hook lawsuit, which drew headlines nationwide as it ended (?) last week with a $73 million settlement, is being misrepresented


New Sig Sauer P210 Carry

One of the best-known original handguns made by SIG (Swiss-based company, written in all capitals) was their Pistole 49, an extremely accurate single-stack single-action pistol

SiCo handle unique2

New SilencerCo GDCH

Suppressor powerhouse SilencerCo just debuted their Gas Defeating Charging Handle (or GDCH) which is billed as significantly redirecting the blowback of gas delivered to the


New Century Arms BFT47

Century Arms has been trying to perfect an American-made AK for the past 20 years and is finally getting close it would seem. The company

Juggernaut Rifle

California bans the Juggernaut AR

Just in case you missed it, late last year a bunch of California-based GunTubers heralded the brand new Juggernaut rifle series as something that “might


Gun Sales way, way down (kind of)

The unadjusted Jan. 2022 FBI NICS figure of 2,533,096 sounds big, but it is a 40 percent decrease from the same figures for Jan. 2021

P365 XL Spectre Comp

New Sig P365XL Spectre Comp

Sig Sauer has cranked out several Spectre-series pistols including two different P320 variants and a P365XL, but now they have added what seems to be


Goex rises like a Phoenix

Goex traces its roots back to 1802, when DuPont began producing gun powder in Delaware, and up until last year made Goex and Olde Eynsford-branded


Federal expands Hammer Down ammo series

One of the big drawbacks to tubular-magazine lever guns is that they were tied to the often 19th century round-nosed bullet designs they were introduced

Sig Sauer ROMEOZero-ELITE cover

New Sig Sauer ROMEOZero Elite

Promising the “most advanced open-reflex micro red dot optic, ruggedized and loaded with advanced features, designed for ultra-compact concealed carry pistols,” Sig has updated their


$200K Beretta Shotgun A-Go-Go

The Italian-American gun icon also owns Benelli and Franchi, and even though they bailed on SHOT Show, they did appear at the smaller Safari Club

Beretta Centurion M9A4 4

New 90-series Beretta pistols

Beretta said, “new phone, who dis?” to SHOT Show this year, declining to appear with its family of brands that include not only the Italian

Daniel Defense DD4 RIII via Daniel Defense -- Shot Show 2022 Best New Guns

SHOT Show 2022: New Guns

While a hugely different show than in past years, the 43rd annual had no shortage of new guns. We spent a few hours wandering the

Springfield Armory Hellion Bullpup

New Springfield Armory Hellion Bullpup

Springfield Armory has been importing guns for decades. Back in the 1980s and 90s, they brought in rebranded CZ-75s, semi-auto FALs, and HK G3s from

Vortex wins army contract

Vortex wins NGSW optics contract

Speaking of the Army’s planned Next Generation Weapons platform, Vortex somehow beat out L3/Leupold for the NGSW “fire control” award, which is basically a high-speed


New Sig Sauer MCX-Spear in .277 Fury

Sig Sauer, after pumping millions over the past few years into the Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon, or NGSW, program is trying to get some

Volquartsen ENV 9

New Volquartsen ENV AR-ish Pistol

Volquartsen, a top-shelf maker of all things rimfire, just released a new AR-ish pistol, the ENV .22LR. Using an Enoch ODIN chassis, an aluminum receiver,

Cabot Moonshot

New Cabot Moonshot (and NFT!)

Cabot Guns in Pennsylvania has been making some pretty far out 1911s over the past few years in addition to their regular fodder. For instance,


More EAA Hi-Power Clones In The Works

European American Armory, or better known just as EAA, has been bringing in a ton of semi-decent brands from overseas– primarily Italy and Turkey– for


New Maxim Defense Maxim MD-11

Maxim Defense, who made a name for themselves with their shorty braces/stocks and PDX/MDX room brooms, is now going long with an AR-10 rifle dubbed

Federal 30 Super Carry

Federal Introduces the 30 Super Carry

Vista Outdoors– owners of Federal and just about every other American ammo brand that isn’t Winchester– has a new caliber on the market for self-defense


New Smith & Wesson CSX – News Brief

Smith & Wesson, rather than announcing yet another Sheild or M&P model, has something new– the Chief Special X, or CSX. The Chief Special X,

Ruger birdshead Wrangler- cover

New Ruger Wrangler Bird’s Head – News Brief

Ruger announced a Wrangler .22LR single-action revolver with a shorter (3.75-inch rather than the standard 4.62-inch) barrel and an abbreviated “bird’s head” grip. Ruger announced

Nodak Spud Retro Upper

NoDak Spud joins PSA – News Brief

NoDak Spud, a Minneapolis maker of retro AR receivers and parts with a good reputation, has apparently been acquired by Palmetto State Armory. The company

Colt Python

New Colt Python 3-inch – News Brief

News leaked out over the weekend that Colt plans to introduce a latest version of the rebooted Python .357 magnum, complete with a 3-inch barrel.


News Brief – 12/27

In this week’s gun news, California magazine ban put on ice, FBI has an Indiana Jones moment, Savage back in the pistol business. California’s mag


News Brief – 12/20

In this week’s gun news, the gun industry hits back against New York, first Ruger Marlin surfaces in the wild, Savage goes bolt-action pistol, meet

Saint EDge ATC b

News Brief – 12/13

In this week’s gun news, ATF finally gets something right, Barrett goes NFT, Remington reboots paper shells, a new 6.5 PRC rifle, Sig intros yet

Optics Ready Taurus TORO Series GX4 cover

News Brief – 12/06

In this week’s gun news, Federal now has an ammo club, gun background checks still high, Rock River goes Cali, Pearl Harbor at 80, Springfield

Shadow Systems XR920

News Brief – 11/30

In this week’s gun news, Bushmaster releases more black rifles, Liberty Ammo comes up short, NSSF breaks down Pittman-Robertson, Shadow Systems has more pistols, and

Garrison stainless

News Brief – 11/23

In this week’s gun news, CMMG does what HK wouldn’t, CZ brings the bolt action(s), Kimber has a ton of new pistols, meet the Right


News Brief – 11/16

In this week’s gun news, Brownells wants to help you build your AR, DRD has an interesting pistol, Big Blue doubles down on black rifles,


News Brief – 11/8

In this week’s gun news, Colt issues a recall, Hi-Power craziness, Larry Vickers seen in the wild, October gun sales near record, NRA gets hacked,


News Brief – 11/1

In this week’s gun news, CZ rolls Red & Blue, FN goes TAC3, Springfield Armory brings in more optics-cut XDs, Supreme Court set to hear

Aviator Arms X-1 Bi-Axial Recoil Device thing

News Brief – 10/25

In this week’s gun news, Who is Aviator Arms? Beretta goes bolt-gun, Mossberg has a few new tricks, Springfield Armory goes Hi-Power. Aviator Arms X-1

Sweeetheart al capones 1911 note trigger shoe

News Brief – 10/18

In this week’s gun news, Al Capone’s guns prove surprisingly valuable, BFR celebrates 20 years, HK goes 200K, SAAMI drops the data, SilencerCo debuts a


News Brief – 10/11

In this week’s gun news, more optics-ready carry guns from Beretta and S&W, Dugan needs our help, NICS numbers bad but also not bad, Sig

XD 3.8 10mm

News Brief – 10/5

In this week’s gun news, Beretta pushes 500, Nosler goes 21st Century, Sig Sauer gets spookier, S&W heads to the Volunteer State, Springfield Armory offers


News Brief – 9/27

In this week’s gun news Beretta adds optics to the 92X Performance, Walt Berger heads to the benchrest in the sky, ATF asks for more


News Brief – 9/21

In this week’s gun news Beretta delivers updates to all the things, SiCo telling great gun stories, and Sig Sauer makes NextGen cans available to

Last Beretta M9 a

News Brief – 9/13

In this week’s gun news AAC making a comeback, CZ gets competition ready, Army gets the last M9 from Beretta, no ATF director any time

FN502 tact_laydown_FDE_

News Brief – 9/5

In this week’s gun news CZ goes subcompact, FN goes 22, HK does the MP5 in 22 (two ways), Mossberg doubles down on Jerry M,


News Brief – 8/31

The American Firearms News Brief for August 24th: the biggest ammo oof in modern history, Kimber makes the R7 Facebook official, Smith & Wesson goes Kel-Tec KSG, and Taurus makes it easy to TORO.


News Brief – 8/24

The American Firearms News Brief for August 24th: the biggest ammo oof in modern history, Kimber makes the R7 Facebook official, Smith & Wesson goes Kel-Tec KSG, and Taurus makes it easy to TORO.


News Brief – 8/17

The American Firearms News Brief for August 17th: Canik goes METE, FBI picks Winchester for sniper ammo, LAPD goes FN, & Ruger now has a southpaw 10/22.


News Brief – 8/10

The American Firearms News Brief for August 10th: ATF comment period almost up, Bushmaster confirms what we already knew, CZ has some sweet anniversary specials, Kimber getting a Micro 9, Sig gets another Snakebite.


News Brief – 8/06

The American Firearms News Brief for August 6th: HK is coughing up the funky SL8 again, it’s a wrap for the Olympics, NICS numbers are down but also up, and Nighthawk has a Very Impressive Pistol.

Mepro RDS Pro V2

News Brief – 8/04

The American Firearms News Brief for August 3rd: Meprolight brings the RDS Pro V2, Ruger finally threads the 57, Springfield sends an Emissary, and Westley Richards has a bespoke Safari rifle if you have the Amex Black.


News Brief – 7/30

The American Firearms News Brief for July 30th: Beretta has a new PCC inbound, the gun that got Billy the Kid (or maybe didn’t) heads to auction, Remington fades as RemArms takes its shaky place, Team USA grabs three more medals in Olympics shooting, Wilson Combat shows off new SFX9 Sub-Compact.

Zigana PX-9 G2 Semi-Auto Pistol a

News Brief – 7/28

The American Firearms News Brief for July 28th: Caesar Guerini Invictus M-SPEC, Hi-Point gets wildly different reviews, SDS introduces PX9-G2 pistol, and Team USA grabs an early Gold Medal in shooting event at Tokyo Olympics.


News Brief – 7/25

The American Firearms News Brief for July 25th: Auto-Ordnance makes bootlegging fun again, Nighthawk Delegates, Ontario coughs up a cringy bayonet, and PROOF has lots of big news.

Trijicon MGRS

News Brief – 7/19

The American Firearms News Brief for July 19th: Glock turns 92, Kimber teases better guns, Ruger teases classic cowboy guns, Taylor’s updates the M1886, and Trijicon gets some love from the Army.


News Brief – 7/16

The American Firearms News Brief for July 16th: Blaser goes PRC, B&T ups their Blackout game, Court says adults under 21 can buy handguns, and Sig pulls a Switchblade.

KR Arms K9 2

News Brief – 7/12

The American Firearms News Brief for July 8th: Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.


News Brief – 7/8

The American Firearms News Brief for July 8th: Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.

Burris clip on thermal scope

News Brief – 7/5

The American Firearms News Brief for July 5th: Burris readies a clip-on thermal, Noveske brings the squirt, Rock Island announces a shorty shotty, Ruger maxes out the LCP, and Walther wants you to carry medical.

300 BLK & it's big brother 8.6 BLK via Q

News Brief – 7/2

The American Firearms News Brief for July 2nd: Holosun goes green, Sig delivers pro-cut P229 slides, Taurus adds colors to the GX4, Q teasing the 8.6 mafia, Winchester wants its 9mm back

Elimin8r .45 suppressor 2

News Brief – 6/29

The American Firearms News Brief for June 29th: Beretta goes Ultima, CAA stepping into the PCC realm, Faxon brings match barrels to Sig, the KP-15 is now ready to go inna woods, and Lone Wolf is getting quieter.


News Brief – 6/24

The American Firearms News Brief for June 24th: Berger helps eat the “x” at 1,000 yards, Luth goes slick, and new guns hit the market from Hi-Point, Sig, and S&W.


News Brief – 6/21

The American Firearms News Brief for June 21st: Armscor looks to beat Glock at their own game, EAA goes goose, Blackhawk sheds some light on holsters, and Safariland stunts.

Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms Custom Pistol Collaboration

News Brief – 6/17

The American Firearms News Brief for June 17th: Beretta brings Sako ammo to America, Kinsey’s to distribute Fusion 1911s, and CAA now offers TrueTimber camo.


News Brief – 6/14

The American Firearms News Brief for June 14th: SiCo bringing more lowers to market, FN wins big with machine guns, Army picks NightForce, and Sig Sauer raises some Spectres.


News Brief – 6/9

The American Firearms News Brief for June 9th: the ATF rains on the brace parade, Bushmaster promises a rebirth, Sig has a new weapon light, and the Beretta 1301 gets some love.

DBX Grey lg

News Brief – 6/7

The American Firearms News Brief for June 7th: Diamondback expands their DBX series 5.7 pistols, Zenith plans a comeback with an MP5 clone, and more.

Sig Sauer P320 AXG PRO

News Brief – 6/3

The American Firearms News Brief for June 3rd: New Sig Sauer P320 AXG PRO, NRA Show Back On, & New Venom 5-25×56 FFP

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8 Compact OSP

News Brief – 5/31

The American Firearms News Brief for May 31st: Gun Imports Are way Up, Ammo Demand Not Stopping Any Time Soon, Gould Brothers Smash Record, & Springfield Armory’s New XD-M Elite.