SAAMI Approves 360 Buckhammer, 400 Legend, & 7mm PRC

SAAMI has given three new rifle cartridges the thumbs up for industry standardization: the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge, 360 Buckhammer, and 400 Legend.

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Feb 2023

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, better known as SAAMI, just announced they have accepted three new rifle cartridges for industry standardization.

The new trio as detailed by the group:

  • 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge – The 7mm PRC was introduced by Hornady Manufacturing Co. with a 180-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,950 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 65,000 psi.
  • 360 Buckhammer – The 360 Buckhammer was introduced by Federal Cartridge Company with a 200-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,170 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 50,000 psi.
  • 400 Legend – The .400 Legend was introduced by Olin Winchester with a 215-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,230 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 45,000 psi.

Of these, 7mm PRC is only made by Hornady, but they offer it in three different loads as sort of a heavy, super long-range hunting round good for elk-sized animals out to 900 yards or more.

When it comes to the straight-walled .360 BHMR, it was just announced at SHOT Show by Federal and their affiliated ammo sister brands while only Henry is making rifles for it.

As for 400 Legend, it seems to be another straight wall cartridge for the states that mandate them for rifle use deer hunting but nothing else has popped up about it. 

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