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Jun 2023

Whether or not you’re OCD about organizing your gear on range trips, a range bag is great for hauling around shooting gear and provides plenty of storage space in an easily accessible package.

Range Bag Comparison

Below is my list of the best range bags. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

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Best Overall
9.0 in.
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7.5 in.
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Premium Option
8 in.
13 in.
Budget Pick
8 in.
17 in.
Upgrade Pick
11 in.
16 in.
Also Great
10 in.
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Best Large Range Bag
10 in.
22 in.
Best Hard Case
7.43 in.
19.75 in.
Best Range Backpack
12 in.
9.5 in.

Range Bag Reviews

1. Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag, Large

Other Sellers:

primary arms
palmetto state armory

Who it’s for: When Magpul offered to send us some of their new DAKA bags and pouches, I was all about it. They have a reputation for really doing things their own way, and I thought the DAKA products looked like an extension of that ethos, but when they arrived I was a little underwhelmed.

They really just kind of looked like rubberized pouches.

The zippers were great, but where were the dividers? Where were the MOLLE panels and interior pockets?

It wasn’t until I actually used the Takeout bag that I understood what Magpul was doing here — radical simplicity. The DAKA line just does what it’s designed to do in a tough, no-frills way, that makes other range bags feel overly complicated & garish.

The DAKA Takeout bag is ideal for someone who wants a tough, simple range bag and finds the current approach to “range bags” stuck in an unimaginative past.

Why it’s great: I’ll say it again, radical simplicity. It’s tough, water resistant, easy to use, and built to last.

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag on the table
Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag on the table

My initial concern with the Takeout was that it wouldn’t have the space a traditional range bag would offer. Internal capacity is rated at 8.88 liters, but I have never attempted to pour any liquids into any of my range bags, so I needed to test it out.

I took my Lynx bag out to my testing table, and compared the two.

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag stacked up next to my Lynx Defense bag.
Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag stacked up next to my Lynx Defense bag.

From a simple exterior size perspective, the Lynx appears larger. It’s also much more square-shaped and has zippered pockets on either end. I wasn’t sure if the Takeout was going to work.

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag with all the gear from my Lynx bag. Notice how the DAKA bag folds almost completely flat.
Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag with all the gear from my Lynx bag. Notice how the DAKA bag folds almost completely flat.

After pulling out 9 different mags, a suppressor cover, 3 pairs of gloves, Caldwell over-ear muffs, 2 red dots, a bore sighter, a Viridian light/laser combo, and a Magpul wrench, I was skeptical that it would all fit.

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag full of stuff...
Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag full of stuff...

Low and behold, everything fit! I was shocked, and better yet the bag closed without incident. The lack of internal structure — no sub-compartments or dividers —  means the bag just flexes around whatever you put in it. Sure, it’s less organized than if there were dividers, but I’m not so dense that I can’t navigate the internals of a simple bag…

The products from my Lynx bag fit well enough that I grabbed a stack of adhesive targets and stuffed them in. The larger, more squared targets did create some stiffness when closing the bag, but nothing that prevented me from zipping it up and tossing it into the back of my truck.

Unsnapping the buckles on either end of the bag opens up more room as well. You lose a little structure with them unbuckled, but if you’re adding more stuff to the bag, it’ll likely help keep the bag upright anyway.

Magpul DAKA Bag now with targets!
Magpul DAKA Bag now with targets!
Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag zipper pulls are nice and easy to pull open or closed, even in gloves. You can also see how well the zipper seals the top of the bag to help with water resistance -- something I'll be putting to the test here in soggy Oregon.
Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag zipper pulls are nice and easy to pull open or closed, even in gloves. You can also see how well the zipper seals the top of the bag to help with water resistance -- something I'll be putting to the test here in soggy Oregon.

After using the DAKA Takeout for a few range trips, I found that I was able to get in and out quickly, find what I was looking for, and didn’t think twice about it. I suppose that’s what a range bag is supposed to do — get out of your way.

The black color looks great but also tends to pick up dust pretty quickly, so the bag looks like it’s been tossed onto the ground more than other bags I’ve used. That said, there’s a tan version that may help mitigate the dusty bag syndrome.

I really like the Magpul DAKA line, and the Takeout really challenged my assumptions of what a range bag should be in the best ways. As we get into fall and winter, I’ll be interested to see how well the bag holds up to the wet — the water-repellent zipper really seals the bag well, so I’ll have about nine months of rain to test it with.

We go deeper on the DAKA line in our in-depth DAKA review.

If you want a simple, durable, quality range bag the Magpul DAKA Takeout is really where it’s at right now — and it’s less than fifty bucks. Highly recommended.

2. Osage River Tactical Range Bag


    Who it’s for: Osage River range bag

    The Osage River is surprisingly roomy and tough, with a sleek appearance that wears comfortably – even when packed full of gear.

    Why it’s great: The Osage River won our testers over with its understated style and functional durability.

    Osage River Range Bag padded shoulder strap & carry handles

    It can be difficult finding a range bag that fits a variety of gear well enough without feeling too bulky when full or flimsy when partially filled. It’s one of the first bags we tested that is practical enough to handle full-sized pistols and still maintain its shape.

    It comes in six colors (including PFTL), and the 600D ballistic nylon actually looks nicer with use. Added bonus: The Osage River Tactical Bag lacks any kind obnoxious external logo placement like other range bags and is one consistent, uniform color, which screams functional simplicity that is way more attractive than a lot of other bags.

    Front mag pockets

    Tough, durable, & configurable

    The Osage River’s 600D ballistic nylon body is durable yet surprisingly lightweight. While the bag isn’t waterproof, it sheds water readily and remains surprisingly clean, even when dropped in a puddle or splashed heavily.

    One of our testers learned this the hard way on a recent range trip, when, after strapping the range bag into the back of his truck, it started to rain on the way to the range – which solidly soaked the bag with rain and truck bed grime.

    A little elbow grease was enough to thoroughly clean the Osage River, and it dried without a stain.

    Nice removable storage pocket

    Keeps its shape so it’s easy to load

    The Osage River’s ability to maintain its shape, even when completely empty, makes it easy to pack as it stands upright on its own. Loading and unloading is super easy compared with less rigid bags styles, or bags that rely too heavily on mesh components.

    Its oversized primary compartment flap and heavy-duty zipper closure also make it simple to open and close. It’s also as easy to carry as it is to pack. Even when packed to the gills, the bag stays relatively flat against your back and doesn’t twist against your body.

    The same can’t be said for some other bags, which can bulge awkwardly when filled.

    Top down

    Pockets and organization

    In terms of organization, the Osage River is surprisingly capable. Its adjustable compartments are padded and flexible enough that they’re easy to divide and adjust to your needs.

    With adjustable dividers and removable pouch, it’s designed with flexibility and variety in mind – as it also has smaller organizing pockets that are perfect for cleaning kits, targets, keys, your wallet, and all the other stuff we need when out and about. Hardware is solid and durable as well.

    Flaws worth noting

    While it’s a very sturdy range bag, if you’re someone who likes extra strap padding, the Osage will probably disappoint in that department. Our testers found the nylon straps on the Osage River comfortable enough on short carries (going to and from the range, for example), but the straps might be a little too narrow for longer hikes or hunting excursions.

    Also – the rubber feet on the bottom aren’t very effective at keeping the bag off the ground. It’s not a perfect range bag, but it’s pretty close.


    • Easy to pack & carry
    • Easily adjustable & configurable
    • Lots of room
    • Durable material


    • Narrow strap
    • Rubber feet aren’t very effective

    3. Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag

    Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag

    Other Sellers:

    primary arms
    palmetto state armory

    The North Carolina’s Lynx Defense tackles range day accessories, which for the time being is really concentrated on bags, cases, and packs. They source all their materials and manufacture products in their North Carolina HQ.

    The dual zippers and conneted pull make opening and closing the bag a snap (or, a "zip" I suppose.)
    The dual zippers and conneted pull make opening and closing the bag a snap (or, a "zip" I suppose.)

    Their Pistol Range Bag is an incredibly solid range bag that checks a lot of the boxes I look for when it comes to a higher-quality product. It’s got 4 pockets/compartments — two on either ends, one main compartment, and one side pouch which contains a cleaning mat.

    The integrated, fold-out cleaning mat is incredibly durable. A great touch.
    The integrated, fold-out cleaning mat is incredibly durable. A great touch.

    The main struggle with any range bag is the balance of size to utility — too big and you have to lug around more than you might want to any single day at the range, too small and you’re stuck carrying things a mano, so to speak.

    The Lynx Pistol Range bag sits in that almost perfect Goldilocks zone of the ideal range bag width for mags of all stripes, ample space for a few boxes of ammo, or all your safety products without playing a game of Tetris.

    The two detachable panels give you lots of opportunities to reconfigure the main compartment.
    The two detachable panels give you lots of opportunities to reconfigure the main compartment.

    The zippers are tight — no snagging or issues at all in my testing. This particular range bag uses a full-width dual zipper that opens the bag up in its entirety, so if you craft custom-sized compartments with the built-in Velcro dividers, you can be sure the bag will open completely and make it easy to see everything in the bag without groping around in the bottom of a dark corner.

    That said, the full Velco-lined interior means there is very little in the way of internal pockets.

    The Lynx in its natural habitat -- waiting to head to the range. Carry handle and shoulder strap are both visible.
    The Lynx in its natural habitat -- waiting to head to the range. Carry handle and shoulder strap are both visible.

    In addition, the built-in cleaning mat is a nice touch, and it has enough padding to offer sufficient protection from the elements (or an unseen nail sticking out of an old table that once jabbed my P220), making it an impressive all around range bag.

    You won’t find much in the way of customization options — there’s no Velcro for patches — so it won’t stand out from other bags unless you get after it with a Sharpie.

    If you want a premium range bag with more than enough room for tactical gear (sans your pistol) I highly recommend the Lynx. It’ll run you more than other options but it will last for name a range trip, especially if you’re looking for something that will serve light-duty needs (no ammo cans, for example).


    • Very light
    • Configurable main compartment
    • Made in USA
    • Super easy to open and secure
    • Integrated cleaning mat
    • Heavy duty zippers


    • More expensive
    • Not big enough to house a firearm & all your gear
    • Not exactly a padded shoulder strap
    • No external Velco patch panels

    4. Exos Range Bag


      The Exos Range Bag is just as good as the Osage River in a number of ways, as long as you can work with a slightly smaller bag with fewer storage options.

      Simple and durable

      The Exos matches the sturdiness of the Osage River and even includes a velco addition to the main compartment closure. Our testers found it perfect for range trips with a full-sized or compact pistol, mags, and accessories.

      The Exos is also a solid value at $5 to $10 less than the Osage River bag.

      Durable & water-resistant

      Like the Osage River, the Exos is adjustable and is made of 600 Denier polyester, which is plenty durable and water-resistant. Our testers also like the Molle webbing, which was easy to drop different items into and pin to the bag with the two exterior velcro loops.


      • Large main compartment
      • Solidly durable
      • External storage & Molle webbing
      • Multiple Velco patch panels


      • Best with smaller handguns
      • Holster pockets are better with a velcro holster

      5. Orca Tactical Range Bag


        The Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag offers some serious style points among the range bags we tested. The 600D polyester material is as tough as the Osage River & Exos options, but the Orca is reinforced and double stitched at stress points and throughout the sides.

        This makes the bag as durable as it is badass looking.

        Every tester who tried it liked it

        The Orca is one of the only bags out of those we tested that every tester liked. Some bags were too bulky, others were too flimsy, but the Orca was the Goldilocks of the bunch – just right in all kinds of ways.

        The Orca is sized for 3 handguns, at 16″L x 11″W x 9″H, and it has room for loads for all kinds of stuff – we got 500 rounds, 2 full-sized pistols, 3 compacts, 2 sets of eye protection, 2 sets of over-ear protection, and at least 10 magazines in the bag along with a sling, tool kit, and some protein bars.

        In terms of organization, the Orca has a mid-sized pocket on the front and back for mags and accessories, as well as 4 small exterior pockets – two on the front, and one on each end.

        Lockable & secure

        The bag is certainly built with safety and security in mind. The Orca has high-quality lockable, YKK zippers on both side pouches.

        While any determined thief could get into the bag with enough time, adding a luggage lock or other cable locking mechanism will certainly act as a deterrent.


        • High-quality stitching
        • Durable
        • Locking zippers
        • Lots of storage
        • Padded shoulder strap


        • Price

        6. Reebow Tactical Range Bag


          Who it’s for: If you want to bring your gear to the gun range, want to pack a ton of ammo with you to the range, or you just want a small tactical bag without the extra bulk of larger shooting range bags, the Tactical Gun Range Bag is a compact, organized, and durable range bag.

          What makes it great

          It’s small, light, and easy to carry with or without all your range gear.

          It measures 6″x11″x10″, weighs about a pound empty, and feels a lot like those tactical messenger bags you see on the backs of kids these days. It’s not the bag you’ll want to use for long weekend hikes or business trips, but it will fit your range essentials: a full-sized pistol, copious magazines, 500+ rounds of ammo, shooting glasses, ear protection, as well as your wallet, phone, keys, and sunglasses.

          Useful even when fully loaded

          Even when you overload it, this bag is still pretty comfortable to carry around—it was a favorite of a number of our testers for quick range trips.

          The nylon strap is basic but has a nice pad – and it’s adjustable. The adjustable strap made it easy to tighten and pull the bag close for hiking or longer treks or add slack to carry longer and looser for walking or short trips.

          We appreciated the large velcro strap on the carry handles, which made it comfortable to carry like a briefcase regardless of how full it was.

          Heavy nylon & lockable zippers

          Made of high-quality 600D nylon, with lockable side compartment zippers, the Tactical Range Bag is an understated & utilitarian pistol bag that could easily double as a camera bag.

          It comes in 2 colors (black and tan) – both are available in a single size, and the price is fairly reasonable: For well under $50, you get a great bag with lots of departments that’ll take a beating.

          Pockets and organization

          The Tactical Gun Range Bag offers a surprising amount of storage for a bag with such a small footprint.

          If you plan to hit the range with this bag, it’s a good time to pick up some fresh eye protection – like the Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glassesear protectionWalker’s Game Razor – which makes for a nice bundle.

          These fit into the bag easily and ensure your ear and eye protection are performing optimally.


          • Lots of storage space
          • Lightweight
          • Durable, easy to clean nylon


          • Limited colors and sizes

          7. S&W M&P Pro Series Tactical Range Bag


            Who it’s for: If you carry a lot of stuff to the range for extended shoots, then the Smith & Wesson M&P Officer Tactical Range Bag is for you. If you need more room for multiple handguns or want to lug a ton of ammo with you, a large range bag is a great choice. Smith & Wesson offers a couple of range bag sizes- the smaller Recruit Tactical Range Bag and the Officer Range Bag – which is our preference. It’s a great take on a large range bag.

            What makes it great

            Smith & Wesson range bags are well-thought-out, and the Officer bag is a great range bag if you need space — it offers 8 pockets, 8 pistol mag pouches & 2 integrated, padded, handgun cases.

            Many manufacturers offer side pockets, mag pouches, and the like, but what sets Officer bag apart is the thoughtful touches like the 2 accessory pockets that run the full 22” length of the bag, a removable padded ammo bag, & 2 adjustable internal hook & loop dividers that really allow for a lot of customization.

            This bag runs about $80 which is a little more than other options, but you’re getting a lot of bag for that extra cheddar.

            Fits more than most

            The Officer bag is a deluxe range bag at 22 inches wide, which is much larger than your typical range bag. It can hold up to 2 handguns in opposing zippered pockets and fits at least 8 magazines with ease in the pistol pouches, and the straps keep them from bouncing around when hauling your gear around.

            Carrying a lot of shooting is a challenge, but doing it with the Officer bag always felt stable, easy to carry, and secure.

            Quality construction you’d expect from S&W

            The construction of the Officer bag is truly stand-out. Given the range bag form factor is fairly standard and there isn’t a ton of variation from company to company, what sets the Officer bag apart is the mix of quality construction & customizability.

            It’s a bag that will work for a huge number of needs and take the best you can throw at it.

            Our testers have put a lot of handgun range bags out to pasture over the years, but the details & quality of the Officer bag won them over.

            The extra-beefy nylon, additional stitching, easily adjustable hook & loop dividers, and functional rubber foot skids show that care and attention went into creating a bag for die-hard range shooters.


            • Plenty of room
            • Very well designed
            • Tough & durable
            • Customizable
            • Nice extra touches


            • No lockable hardware

            8. Case Club 4 Pistol Case


              Why it’s great: The Case Club Waterproof Pistol Case fully encloses your pistols, mags, ear and eye protection in a waterproof, shock-proof case, which gives you serious protection from scuffs, dings, and dust – plus it provides drop and crush protection. (Which nylon bags – regardless of how sturdy – can’t offer.)

              The Case Club Case is designed to work with any compact handgun, and most full-sized handguns, just don’t try to haul your Desert Eagle around in it.

              Plus it’s relatively light and looks cool, almost like a more technical version of the “nuclear football” that follows the President around.

              Customizable foam interior

              The case is filled with a customizable foam base, which allows you to shape each of the pistol slots to fit the shape of your handgun.

              Putting in a couple of sub-compacts? Use a more shallow setup.

              Taking four 1911s as your loadout? Remove the fills and slide them all deep into the case.

              In addition, there are 16 magazine slots which have their own spacers, so you can get the fit 100% right for each mag shape & length – double stack or single stack.

              A surprisingly effective system

              It’s a fantastically effective system that gives you a flexible storage platform – much more than options from Plano or Pelican.

              Plus the orientation gives you a place to work from when at the range because once you open the lid everything is right there.

              The design also offers both easy integrated locks and holes which pass through the lid and body, making it pad-lockable. It’s also airline approved for checked luggage.

              Big but durable as can be

              It’s not small at 21″ x 15″ x 8″ – and it’s not cheap at near $100 – but there’s really no wasted space internally, and we found it had the right mix of durability, room, and customizability to top our list of hard range cases.


              • Fits all sizes of handguns
              • Customizable
              • Accommodates 4 handguns
              • Slots for 16 magazines
              • Waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof


              • Price
              • Gun slots tight if you have attachments

              9. Black Tactical Sling Range Backpack


                Why it’s great: The Reebow Tactical Sling bag is on the smaller side – it’s not a full-size Jansport kind of handgunner backpack – but it holds and organizes a lot of gear without bulging or becoming cluttered.

                And although some people don’t like its overly tactical aesthetic, its layered approach to organization is great if you want to use a backpack to carry your gear to the range.

                Holds quite a bit for a little backpack

                During our testing, we packed a full size 1911 in the rear concealed compartment, stuffed it full of 500 rounds, 10 paper targets, iPhone X, cleaning products, keys, travel coffee mug, wallets, and odds and ends with ease.

                Comfortable even when fully packed

                Loaded down with gear, the Tactical Sling was comfortable, even when we packed 2 pistols into it and hiked an hour and a half up to one of our local spots outside of Mt. Hood in Oregon.

                The thick shoulder straps and back padding distributed the weight nicely, and the two side strap helped us lock the Sling close to our body to eliminate sway & jostling while on the move.

                The back pad kept the pistols from rubbing uncomfortably and it did a solid job of preventing back sweat and discomfort.


                • Comfortable
                • Fits all sizes of handguns
                • Price


                • Limited space
                • Not technically a range bag

                Why a range bag?

                Just like magazines and boxes of bullets, you can never have too many range bags.
                Just like magazines and boxes of bullets, you can never have too many range bags.

                Lots of variety, shapes, and sizes

                Range bags come in a ton of shapes and sizes of sizes, offer multiple organization schemes, have different numbers of interior and exterior pockets, and many styles — so to help narrow the field, we asked a number of competitive and casual shooters to recommend their favorites.

                Our expert’s picks cover most shooters’ needs, from carrying a small pistol and mag setup, packing all the necessary accessories, or hauling every piece of gear and a case of beer.

                Roomy and customizable

                A range bag traditionally has one main, roomy compartment with a flap closure secured by a zipper, buckles, Velcro, or some kind of snap system. Single strap versions can be worn across the body or hang from one shoulder.

                Usually, this type of range bag is highly customizable, so the compartments or components of most of our picks can be moved around or reconfigured to your personal setup and helps accommodate everything from extra mags, cleaning supplies, tactical gear, and maybe even a spotting scope.

                You’ll see a pretty wide price range (things like the level of customization or materials can drive up the price quite a bit), though we’ve tried to keep our recommendations below $200.

                We’d recommend these to our shooting buddies.

                To come up with the best range bags on the market, we considered pocket space, exterior and interior pockets, comfort, construction, standard sizes, materials, and overall value.

                We also know style is pretty subjective and personal, so we thought it best to provide a range of options & styles that would work for a competition range bag, everyday small range bags, or just something you toss in the truck.

                If there’s a great range bag you love that we haven’t mentioned, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to review it when we update this guide.

                What to Look for in a Quality Range Bag

                Range Bags - Lynx Defense (2)
                Range Bags - Lynx Defense (2)

                A range bag isn’t a fashion statement – they’re performance-oriented. These bags will be subject to more stresses and hard items, bumps and bruises, than a typical backpack or messenger bag.

                We found it helpful to establish some hone in on some foundational rules for narrowing down the field of range bag contenders:

                1. Easy firearm access

                The most important thing for any tactical range-ready bag is access to the firearm.

                We focused on contenders that offer fast, easy access to the firearm. A range bag that’s too fussy or has too many closures or obnoxious straps buries your gun and makes the packing/unpacking process clumsy and slow.

                2. Organization

                Firearm-specific pockets and organization for magazines, cleaning kits and accessories, dividers for open areas, inner and outer pockets, and thick padding are critical.

                Without these, you’re just dealing with any ol’ duffle bag. The best range bags make it easy to adjust and customize the bag to fit your use case and prevent the items you’re carrying from being jostled around when packing it to the range via shoulder strap.

                For example, the 5.11 tactical Range Ready Bag includes two removable pistol pouches, a removable stage bag, a brass bag, and a removable ammo tote. These kinds of purpose-driven components ease organization.

                3. Configurability

                Flexible internal dividers are essential for accommodating a variety of gun sizes, ear and eye protection, and all the oddly shaped items that make for a complete range kit.

                The room necessary to fit a full-sized 1911 and its accessories, for example, is very different from what you’d need for a couple of sub-compacts or revolvers.

                Any shooting range bag worth its salt bag should be able to accommodate both loads.

                4. Weather resistance

                Magpul DAKA bags, pouches, and cases all have a weatherproof exterior which will keep your stuff dry even if caught in an unexpected downpour. Just don't take them scuba diving.
                Magpul DAKA bags, pouches, and cases all have a weatherproof exterior which will keep your stuff dry even if caught in an unexpected downpour. Just don't take them scuba diving.

                Guns are expensive, so protecting your gear with even a little water resistance is the right idea – but a waterproof range bag is even better. Pistol range bags should – at a minimum – resist water, but the best range bags can stage off moisture from even a downpour.

                5. The right capacity

                Hearing protection? Check. Shooting glasses? Check. Gloves, ammo, and mags? Check, check, check.
                Hearing protection? Check. Shooting glasses? Check. Gloves, ammo, and mags? Check, check, check.

                We looked for bags that fit specific scenarios and budget ranges but would generally hold everything you need without encouraging overpacking.

                It’s easy to cram way too much into a monster duffel bag — but a good range bag should give you room for everything you need — not everything in your gun safe.

                Some rolling bags make it easier to get more to the range, but we concentrated on non-rolling, shoulder bags, which we believe have enough variety to enable anyone to find the right range bag.

                You should keep the bag as light as possible – especially if heading out into the woods. With this in mind, we looked for range bags designed to accommodate handguns of various sizes (not rifle cases), ammo, magazines, and ear/eye protection, as well as some personal items like keys, a wallet, snacks, a water bottle, and maybe even a small jacket or knit cap.


                Each of these range bage offers firearms enthusiasts variety of different features but our top pick is the Osage River range bag. We really like how it’s designed, organized, and priced.

                It also met the criteria for any range bag we’d recommend:

                • Good capacity
                • Easy to get at the firearm
                • Well organized
                • Flexible & configurable

                There are quite a few options out in this category, but we hope this range bag review steers you in the right direction and ultimately helps you pick the best shooting range bag for you. The perfect bag is out there — just keep looking!



                In Testing

                March 15, 2023 — We’re assessing new range bags from 5.11 Tactical and Primary Arms for this year’s version of the guide and will update the guide if they make the cut.

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