SHOT Show 2022: Best New Products (Other Than Guns)

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META Stock System

SHOT Show is far more than new guns. In fact, the majority of the more than 2,300 exhibitors across 13.9 miles of aisles aren’t firearm makers. We combed those halls for some of the best new products for 2022 that don’t go bang.

CampCo RM-1001

This is really just a way to burn hours and is only kinda firearm-related but it is interesting “for kids of all ages” as they say.

CampCo’s RM-1001 Remington Building Blocks set allows someone with a lot of time on their hand to craft a hobby M40 sniper rifle that is some 41-inches long from 1,491 interlocking blocks.

Kinda like Legos but for grownups.

Sure, the idea is a little silly, but every time we passed the display there were guys mesmerized by it, so who knows? 

MSRP is $109.  

CampCo RM1001
For those of us who need another project, ya dig?

ETS Coupler Mags

You know ETS, right? The extend clear magazine people?

Well, this year they brought a new AR-15/M16/M4/STANAG magazine to SHOT Show that duplicates the on-mag coupler system that the old Swiss SIG 510 had, enabling a user to couple any number of magazines they want together.

Two is most practical but you could go three or 13. As value-added, they also have a tritium-enhanced follower, which allows an easy round count on the see-through mag, even in the dark. Price is $35.90.

ETS Coupler mag
Coupling magazines makes sense, until you take this concept too far.

Federal, Remington, Speer, etc. offering .30SC

In case you haven’t heard of .30 Super Carry, the hot new round developed by Federal, it was front and center at Smith & Wesson’s booth. It splits the hair between .380 and 9mm, threatening to displace both if you listen to Federal’s propaganda as the round is slimmer– thus allowing more in a magazine– and promising on-par if not better performance.

Since Vista, the company that owns Federal, also owns CCI, Speer, and Remington, there are a ton of loads coming for it.

So far, however, just S&W and Nighthawk have guns for it, though.

Franklin Armory Binary Glock Slide/Trigger

Man, this thing was fun to shoot.

Franklin Armory had the longest line on the range on Monday and everyone got their giggle on with their new G-S173, the company’s first handgun binary trigger line.

Designed for the Glock 17 Gen 3 (and clones of the same lineage) it replaces the slide and trigger pack to give the user one shot on the pull of the trigger and one on the release.

When you don’t want to be binary, you have a selector switch on the slide that just looks cool as hell. With a little practice, you can drain a 33-round stick mag in less time than it takes to say, “the ATF is gonna ban this next year.”

The cost is $899, and it is estimated to be ready for consumer release in Quarter 2 of 2022.

Franklin Armory Binary Glock
With a little practice, you can drain a 33-round stick mag in less time than it takes to say, "the ATF is gonna ban this next year."
Franklin Armory Binary Glock Slide Switch
That slide switch must have come straight from Dieter Rams workshop.

Holosun goes Solar

Holosun has been quietly working on an SCS– Solar Charging Sight– initiative for a couple of years and they had a few test models at the Show. They included a lightweight titanium housing and use ambient light to charge an internal battery with an outrageous battery life.

They are direct mount MOS, with no plate needed. As a plus, they are only a little way out from regular production, says Holosun anyway, pointing at a market announcement in terms of months rather than years. As a minus, they are auto-adjusted only.

Holosun solar (1)

Magpul has the kitchen sink at SHOT

Magpul, a company that got started to sell — and was named for — a simple rubber device that attached to the bottom of a magazine to be able to easily pull it out of a pouch, has seriously diversified.

This year their most forward-thinking thing at SHOT was the Maztech X4 system, a round counter that also has a ton of data to your LPVO as a bonus.

While something like this– for instance, the Vortex NGSW-FCU developed for the Army– costs over 10K, Magpul is saying it will be more like $2K from them.

They also say the FDP/FDC folding pistol/carbine system is just over the horizon:

Added to this is the new SL-M Carbine stock:

A whole line of Tejas Gun Belts:

An interesting MOE bipod that you will probably see on every gun company’s factory PRS rifle in the near future.

And a Pro 700 Lite SA stock:

We aren’t even counting Magpul’s Daka series, 3E pistol cases and utility organizer, STANAG magwell, enhanced ejection port cover, and Flight Glove 2.0.

There goes the weekend…

META Tactical APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit

META’s CCK is kinda low-key cool.

Billed as the “world’s first bullpup-style pistol-to-rifle conversion kit allowing you to shoot your pistol further and more accurately than ever before with the most responsive and compact platform ever created,” which may be a bit verbose, it is compatible with most Glock, Smith & Wesson and P80 handguns, is available in four colors (Black, Stealth Grey, OD Green, and Flat Dark Earth), and includes a 16-inch barrel and a 35 slot Aluminum NATO Picatinny Rail and M-Lok accessory system.

The bad part is that it is $600, for which you could just go ahead and buy a standalone PCC.

Ready drop some T1000s
META stock system
I really feel like they should have worked a period in there somewhere.

Nosler getting quiet

Nosler has always been a big name in the ammo biz and is getting big into semi-custom rifles.

Well, they now have a whole series of cans to go along with those rifles. Geared towards hunters, their inaugural offerings include the lightweight (like 13 ounces) all-titanium SR-22Ti (22 caliber) and SR-30Ti (up to 30 caliber) with an ask of $899.99 and $949.99, respectively.

For those on more of a pilsner budget, they also have an aluminum/titanium series, the 22-ALTi (22 caliber) and 30-ALTi (30 caliber) at $649.99 and $699.99, respectively.

Samson Mini folding stocks, now in black...

Samson manufacturing hit it out of the park a couple of years ago with a Ruger-approved Mini-14 folding stock that allowed everyone to drop their Ranch Rifle into an A-Team format.

Best yet, it used the original molds from the 1980s and wood from the original stock maker, making it as legit as the OG Ruger folders, but better in a few ways because it was updated for strength. However, the masses who have blued Minis gnashed their teeth as the Samson A-TM stock was only in stainless.

Well, now it is not.

A drop-in fit, it is designed for Mini-14 rifles with serial numbers 181-xxxxx and higher, and Mini Thirty rifles with serial numbers 580-xxxxx and higher. The gasp is that this cost $259.

…and with the Hannibal Rail option

Oh yeah, Samson also introduced what they call the “Hannibal Rail” in an ode to the A-Team colonel. The Hannibal Rail replaces the factory plastic handguard on Minis, and mounts directly to the barrel, allowing a forward Pic rail for optics and accessories, enabling owners to mount a micro red dot forward of the action, without the need for a dinky Picatinny rail clamp adapter.

Red racing stripe and spoiler not included.
Hannibal rail via Samson

The Colonel Approves.

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