From AR maintenance to the latest upgrades, our ongoing AR guide covers everything from barrel to buttstock.

556 vs 308 ar rifles
Section 1


Considering adding an AR to your collection? We break down all the rudiments, comparisons, with a healthy serving of essentials.

Section 2

Shooting the AR

We cover the fundamentals of using an AR — handling, stances, grip, trigger pull, and all the bits and pieces that give you a basic idea of how to get the most out of your black rifle.

Section 3


A gun that’s uncared for will not treat you kindly when you need it most. Learn the basics of caring for your AR & the tools necessary to do the job right.

Section 4

Ammo & Calibers

As Shakespeare once wrote “An AR without ammunition is like a night without stars.”  Avoid writing yourself into a comedy for the ages and get to know your rifle’s ammo!

Section 5

Optic Options

Step on through the looking glass and learn which kinds of optics will help you step up from iron sights to long-range glory.

Section 6

Upgrades & Accessories

One of the best things about the AR is making it your own, so uplevel your knowledge about the pieces you can swap out for a better shooting experience.

Section 7

Rifle Recommendations

Sometimes you just want to get to the guns! We review rifles across all calibers and stripes to bring you our take on which ones will give you the best value, performance, and fun factor.

Section 8


While the AR is essentially just two pieces — an upper and a lower — those two critical bits have a lot to know about them!  We break down the ins and outs of the systems that make your gun run.